Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Renaissance/Baroque Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2003

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Anderson, Elissa, “Re-forming Mary in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Prints” (Kansas, L. Stone-Ferrier)

Arioli, Kristin, “Cardinal Raffaele Riario (1477–1521) and the Dynamics of Renaissance Patronage” (USC, E. Howe)

Averett, Matthew, “Bernini’s Fountains at the Piazza Barberini” (Missouri, K. Eggener)

Avery, Phoebe, “Art in the Service of the State: An Examination of the Relation of Art and Politics in the Career of Peter Paul Rubens before 1620” (Maryland, A. Wheelock)

Banta, Andaleeb, “Il Prete Genovese: Bernardo Strozzi and the International Artistic Culture of Early Seventeenth-Century Genoa” (IFA/ NYU, D. Posner)

Bautista, Preston, “Manifesting Masculinities in Central Italian Renaissance Art: Michelangelo’s David, Artistic Theory, and Representations of the Male Body” (CUNY, J. Saslow)

Buskirk, Jessica, “Intimacy and Anticipation: The Male Subject in Late Fifteenth-Century Personal Devotional Portraits” (UC Berkeley, E. Honig)

Byron, David, “The Visual and Social Strategies of German Propaganda Broadsheets, l608–l62l” (Yale, C. Wood)

Cartwright, Ingrid, “‘Satirical’ Self-Portraiture in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art” (Maryland, A. Wheelock)

Casper, Andrew, “El Greco and Italy: Art, Theory, and the Religious Image of the Late Cinquecento” (Pennsylvania, M. Cole)

Chen, Hui-Hung, “Missionaries and Images: Jesuit Visual Culture in Sixteenth-to Seventeenth-Century China” (Brown, J. Muller)

Churchill, Derek, “Replication in the Early Netherlandish Tradition: Dieric Bouts and His Copyists” (Yale, C. Wood)

Decker, John, “The Technology of Salvation and the Art of Geertgen tot Sint Jans: Manifestations of Salvation Theology in Material Culture” (UC Santa Barbara, M. Meadow)

Difuria, Arthur, “The Ars Rhetorica of Maerten van Heemskerck’s Architectural Imagery” (Delaware, L. Pellecchia)

Dillman, Cynthia, “The Self in Relation: Van Dyck’s English Double Portraits” (UC, Berkeley, E. Honig)

Dimitrova, Kate, “Unraveling Christ’s Passion: Archbishop Dalmau de Mur’s Patronage and Flemish Tapestries in Fifteenth-Century Spain” (Pittsburgh, A. Stones)

Duffy-Zeballos, Lisa, “Murillo’s Devotional Paintings: Art and Religious Practice in

El-Hanany, Efrat, Images of the Madonna del Soccorso in Italian Renaissance Art” (Indiana, B. Cole)

Elliot Beatty, Susan, “Alexander VII, Bernini, and the Cappella del Voto in Siena” (Toronto, E. Levy)

Erhardt, Michelle, “Penitence, Power, and Patronage: The Trecento Fresco Decoration of the Rinuccini Chapel of Santa Croce, Florence” (Indiana, B. Cole)

Finkel, Jennifer, “Michelangelo at San Lorenzo: The Tragedy of the Façade” (Case Western Reserve, E. Olszewski)

Genoni, Mia Reinoso, “Filarete in Word and Image: Works Realized and Imagined” (IFA/NYU, M. Trachtenberg)

Ghadessi, Touba, “Identity and Physical Deformity in Italian Court Portraits, 1550–1650: Dwarves, Hirsutes, and Castrati” (Northwestern, L. Massey)

Giménez-Berger, Alejandra, “Castiglione, Portraiture, and Performance in the Court of Philip II” (Temple, T. Cooper)

Girnius, R., “Rembrandt’s Spaces” (Bryn Mawr, C. Hertel)

Glass, Robert, “Filarete’s Sculpture and the Taste for the Antique in Mid-Fifteenth-Century Italy” (Princeton, P. Brown)

Gruborovic, Z., “Bronzino and the Style(s) of Mannerism” (Bryn Mawr, D. Cast)

Havenstein, Ken, “Choreographing the City: Socio-Political Implications of Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Dance Motif Included in the Good Government Fresco, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena” (SUNY Binghamton, C. Burroughs)

Ho, Angela, “Rethinking Repetition: Constructing Value in Dutch Genre Paintings, 1650s to 1670s” (Michigan, C. Brusati)

Hogan, Laura M., “Style and Context in Provençal Painting and Illumination from 1440 to 1525” (Pennsylvania, L. Silver)

Hottle, Andrew, “Peter Paul Rubens and the Dedicated Print: Strategies in the Marketing of an Early Modern Master” (Temple, C. Lawrence)

Imbrey, Jai, “Fictive Frame and Image in Northern Italian Quattrocento Painting” (IFA/ NYU, C. Eisler)

Kay, Nancy Chute, “The Sacred Public Sculptures of Counter Reformation Antwerp” (Brown, J. Muller)

Kirkland-Ives, Mitzi, “Narrative Performance and Devotional Experience in the Art of Hans Memling” (UC Santa Barbara, M. Meadow)

Kleinbub, Christian, “Raphael’s Historical Imagination” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Kotani, Noriko, “Jesuit Missions and Nanban Art” (Princeton, T. Kaufmann)

Leitch, Stephanie, “‘Better than the Prodigies’: The Prints of Hans Burgkmair, Jörg Breu, and the Marvels of the New World” (Chicago, L. Seidel)

Lepage, Andrea, “Art and Spirituality: The Franciscans and Their Fine Arts Colegio de San Andrés in Colonial Quito, Ecuador” (Brown, C.W. Zerner)

Locker, Jesse, “Artistic Theory in Spanish Naples, 1610–1656” (Johns Hopkins, C. Demp¬sey)

Manges, Alison, “Images of the Court in Sforza Milan: Illuminated Manuscripts, 1450–1499” (IFA/NYU, J. Alexander)

McLane, Preston, “Alessandro Magnasco and the Painterly Picaresque” (FSU, R. Neuman)

Neilson, Christina, “Theory and Practice in Verrocchio’s Florentine Bottega” (Johns Hopkins, C. Dempsey)

Niekrasz, Carmen C., “Flemish Tapestry and Natural History, 1550–1600” (Northwestern, C. Swan)

Olson-Rudenko, Jennifer, “Franciscode Zurbarán’s Paintings for the Calced and Discalced Mercedarians in Seville” (Pennsylvania, J. Porter)

Paul, Tanya, “‘The Power of the Seemingly Real’: Artistry and Meaning in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still Life Painting” (Virginia, L. Goedde)

Pederson, Jill, “Leonardo’s Circle: Studies in Painting and Court Culture in Renaissance Milan, 1480–1500” (Johns Hopkins, C. Dempsey)

Peters, Emily J., “Maerten van Heemskerck’s Processional Prints and the Transmission of Culture in the Old and New Worlds” (UC Santa Barbara, M. Meadow)

Pilaski, Katharina, “The Munich Kunstkammer: Art, Nature, and the Representation of Knowledge in Courtly Contexts” (UC Santa Bar¬bara, M. Meadow)

Poska, Olivia, “The Draftsmanship of Adriaen van de Venne: A Study of Drawing in an Age of Print” (Michigan, C. Brusati)

Powell, Amy, “Repeated Forms: Rogier van der Weyden’s ‘Descent from the Cross’ and Its Copies” (Harvard, J. Koerner)

Rashleigh, Jennifer Jones, “Francisco Pacheco’s Tratado de Erudicion de Varios Autores: A Transcription and Critical Interpretation of His Religious Writing and Painting” (Brown, C. W. Zerner)

Rejaie, Azar, “Defining Artistic Identity in the Florentine Renaissance: Vasari, Self-Portraits, and the Role of the Patron” (Pittsburgh, D. Wilkins)

Rihouet, Pascale, “Rituals and Images: Confraternity Banners in Renaissance Umbria” (Brown, E. Lincoln)

Robey, Jessica, “In Pursuit of a Civil Order: The Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the Microcosmic Collection, and the Circle of Abraham Ortelius and Joris Hoefnagel” (UC Santa Barbara, M. Meadow)

Saska, Hope, “Theatricality and the Popular Print in Eighteenth-Century England” (Brown, K. D. Kriz)

Schaudies, Irene, “Proverbs, Fables, and Folklore: The Genre Painting of Jacob Jordaens” (Brown, E. Lincoln)

Schiller, Noel, “The Art of Laughter: Society, Civility, and Communities of Viewers in the Netherlands, 1620–1670” (Michigan, C. Brusati)

Schmid, Vanessa, “Portraiture and Community in Amsterdam, 1650–1672” (IFA/NYU, E. Haverkamp-Begemann)

Slominski, Suzan, “Bernini’s Tomb of Urban VIII in St Peter’s: A Study of Art and Papal Power in the Context of the Counter-Reformation” (Rutgers, T. Marder)

Spira, Freyda, “Daniel Hopfer and the Reinvention of the Medium of Etching” (Pennsylvania, L. Silver)

Tal, Guy, “Imago Maleficarum: Witchcraft in Italian Art and Culture, c. 1520–1650” (Indiana, B. Cole)

Walberg, Deborah, “The Marian Miracle Paintings of Alessandro Varotari (Il Padovanino, 1588–1649): Popular Piety and Painted Proselytizing in Seventeenth-Century Venice” (Princeton, P. Brown)

Webb, J., “Court Culture in Urbino under Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza” (Bryn Mawr, D. Cast)

Williams, Linda Kristine, “The Art of Love and Marriage in Renaissance Rome: Domestic Frescoes and Their Patrons” (Washington, J. Snow-Smith)

Woodall, Dena, “Sharing Space: Double Portraiture in Sixteenth-Century Italy” (Case Western Reserve, E. Olszewski)

Yoon, Rangsook, “Albrecht Dürer as Printer of His Illustrated Books” (IFA/NYU, C. Eisler)

Zalamea, Patricia, “Diana and Actaeon in the Renaissance Imagination: From Boccaccio to Titian, A Myth’s Transformation in Text and Image” (Rutgers, R. Goffen)

Zillman, Molly, “Magdalene van de Passe, Geertruydt Roghman, and the Example of Seventeenth-Century Netherlandish Female Printmakers” (Delaware, P. Chapman)