Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Renaissance/Baroque Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2003

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Ahrendt, Martha Sue, “The Cultural Legacy and Patronal Stewardship of Margherita Paleologa (1510–1566): Duchess of Mantua and Marchesa of Montferrat” (Washington University, W. Wallace)

Alvarez, Mari-Tere, “An Examination of the Art Market in Renaissance Spain (1470–1530)” (USC, S. Holo)

Assonitis, Alessio, “Savonarola and the Origins of Florentine Mannerism” (Columbia, J. Beck)

Bacon, Paul, “A Mirror of a Christian Prince: Frederick the Wise and Art Patronage at the Electoral Saxon Court, 1486–1525” (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Hutchison).

Bassett, Laura, “The Paintings and Career of Cornelis de Man: Art and Mercantile Culture in Seventeenth-Century Delft” (Michigan, C. Brusati)

Begel, Andrea, “Unclean Spirits: Images of Exorcism in Italian Renaissance Art, 1260–1520” (Columbia, J. Beck)

Bentz, Katherine, “Cardinal Cesi and His Garden: Antiquities, Landscape, and Social Identity in Early Modern Rome” (Penn State, B. Curran)

Bertiz, Agnes, “Picturing Health: The Garden and Landscape in the Late Fourteenth-Century Illuminated Tacuinum Sanitatis” (USC, E. Howe)

Bickson, Sally, “Female Patronage and the Language of Arts in the Circle of Isabella d’Este in Mantua (c. 1470–1560)” (Queen’s University, Kingston, C. Hoeniger)

Blazzard, Kimberlee Cloutier, “Counter-Balancing Classicism: Jan Steen and the ‘Socratic Style’” (Virginia, L. Goedde)

Bloch, Amy R., “Ritual Performance in Renaissance Florence and the Sculpture of Lorenzo Ghiberti” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Calvillo, Elena, “Imitation and Invention in the Service of Rome: Giulio Clovio’s Works for Cardinals Marino Grimani and Alessandro Farnese” (Johns Hopkins, E. Cropper)

Christian, Kathleen Wren, “The Birth of Antiquities Collections in Rome, 1450–1530” (Harvard, J. Shearman)

Cohen, Evelyn, “Problems in the Art of Giovanni da Modena” (Columbia, J. Beck)

DeKoning, Marion, “The Battle of Lekkerbettje: Imagery and Ideology during the Eighty Years War (1568–1648)” (USC, T. Olson)

De Maria, Blake, “The Merchants of Venice: A Study in Sixteenth-Century Cittadino Patronage” (Princeton, P. Brown)

Drogin, David, “Representations of Bentivoglio Authority: Fifteenth-Century Painting and Sculpture in the Bentivoglio Chapel, San Giacomo Maggiore, Bologna” (Harvard, J. Shearman)

Duran-McClure, Michelle, “Style, Ideology, and Identity: Issues of Patronage and Courtly Culture in the Work of Simone Martini” (UC Santa Barbara, L. Ayres)

Eaton, Anne, “Titian’s Rape of Europa: The Intersection of Ethics and Aesthetics” (Chicago, R. Pippin, L. Seidel)

Else, Felicia M., “Ammannati’s Neptune Fountain as Public Ornament” (Washington University, W. Wallace)

Elsea, Angi, “Juan de Torquemada’s Meditationes in the First Cloister of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome: A Reconstruction of Fifteenth-Century Devotional Experience” (Emory, C. J. Campbell)

Festa, Lisa, “Representations of St. Cecilia in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Painting and Sculpture” (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

Garton, John, “Paolo Veronese’s Portraits: Their Creation and Context” (IFA/NYU, C. Eisler)

Goldstein, Claudia, “Keeping Up Appearances: The Social Significance of Domestic Decoration in Antwerp, 1542–1600” (Columbia, D. Freedberg, K. Moxey)

Gregory, Henry, “Tabletop Still Lifes in Haarlem, c. 1610–1660: A Study of the Relationships between Form and Meaning” (Maryland, College Park, A. Wheelock)

Heuer, Christopher P., “The City Rehearsed: Architecture, Rhetoric, and Print in the Arts of Hans Vredeman de Vries (1526–1609)” (UC Berkeley, E. Honig)

Hickson, Sally, “Female Patronage and the Language of Arts in the Circle of Isabella d’Este in Mantua (ca. 1470–1560)” (Queen’s University, Kingston, C. Hoeniger)

Kaplan, Stacey Erin, “Marriage, Motherhood, and St. Catherine of Alexandria: Painting Domestic Values in the Veneto” (Cornell, C. Lazzaro)

Katz, Dana, “Painting with Violence: The Representation of Jews in the Italian Renaissance Courts” (Chicago, C. Cohen)

Kirch, Miriam Hall, “Right Princely Art: The Portraits of Ottheinrich” (UT Austin, J. Smith)

Larkin, Benjamin Graham, “The Elusive Oeuvre of Jacques Callot” (Harvard, H. Zerner)

Litsardopoulou, Nausika-Sotiria, “Rubens’s Pastorals” (Brown, J. Muller)

Madar, Heather, “History Made Visible: Visual Strategies in the Memorial Project of Emperor Maximilian I” (UC Berkeley, E. Honig)

McAlister, Amber A., “Narrative and Allegory in the Genesis Fresco Cycle in the Chiostro Verde, Santa Maria Novella, Florence” (Georgia, A. Ladis)

McIntosh, Laurentia, “Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still-Life Painter Maria van Oosterwych” (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Hutchison)

Meganck, Tine, “Erudite Eyes: Artists and Antiquarians in the Circle of Abraham Ortelius (1527–1598)” (Princeton, T. Kaufmann)

Merriam, Susan, “Icons after Iconoclasm: The Flemish Garland Picture, 1608–1700” (Harvard, J. L. Koerner)

Minty, Nancy, “Dutch and Flemish Seventeenth-Century Art in America, 1800–1940: Col¬lections, Connoisseurship, and Perceptions” (IFA/NYU, E. Haverkamp-Begemann)

Napoli, John N., “Fashioning the Certosa di San Martino: Ornament, Illusion, and Artistic Collaboration in Early Modern Naples” (Princeton, T. Kaufmann)

Neri, Janice, “Fantastic Observations: Images of Insects in Early Modern Europe” (UC Irvine, G. Bauer)

Odell, Dawn, “The Soul of Transactions: Illustrated Travels and Representations of China in the Seventeenth-Century” (Chicago, L. Seidel, H. Wu)

Park, Soo-Yeon, “Crucifixion with the Virgin Mary and Saint John” (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Hutchison)

Pastore, Christopher J., “Expanding Antiquity: Andrea Navagero and Villa Culture in the Cinquecento Veneto” (Pennsylvania, R. Holod)

Payne Cynthia A., “‘In the Fullness of Time’: The Vault Mosaic in the Cappella Sant’Elena, Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome” (Georgia, S. Zuraw)

Periti, Giancarla, “Antonio Allegri of Correggio: Private Art, Reception and Theories of Invention in Early Sixteenth-Century Emilian Painting” (Johns Hopkins, C. Dempsey)

Prosperetti, Leopoldine, “Jan Brueghel and the Landscape of Devotion: Spiritual Reform and Landscape Subjects in Antwerp Painting between 1595 and 1625” (Johns Hopkins, W. Melion)

Roth, Andea, “La Matrona Bergamasca: Portraying Women in Renaissance Bergamo” (USC, E. Howe)

Saxton, Juliette-Jo, “An Original Artist: Nicolaus Knupfer (Leipzig ca. 1605?–Utrecht 1655)” (IFA/NYU, E. Haverkamp-Begemann)

Schraeder, Jeffrey, “The Virgin of Atocha and Spanish Habsburg Devotion to Miraculous Images” (IFA/NYU, J. Brown)

Sellin, Christine P., “Uitgedreven en door Godts Engel Geredt: The Biblical Hagar and Ishmael in Seventeenth Century Netherlandish Art and Literature” (UCLA, D. Kunzle)

Shoaf, Matthew, “Image, Envy, Power: Art and Communal Life in the Age of Giotto” (Chicago, L. Seidel)

Spinale, Susan, “The Portrait Medals of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II (r. 1451–81)” (Harvard, J. Shearman)

Tiffany, Tanya, “Interpreting Velázquez: Artistic Innovation and Painted Devotion in Seventeenth-Century Seville” (Johns Hopkins, C. Dempsey)

Townsend, Tiffanie P., “Painting Monstrosities: The Grotesque, Mannerism, and Rosso Fiorentino” (Georgia, S. Zuraw)

Tuck-Scala, Anna Kiyomi, “The Documented Paintings and Life of Andrea Vaccaro (1604–1670)” (Penn State, J. Porter)

Wellen, Anne, “Andrea del Sarto, Pittore senza Errori: Between Biography, Florentine Society, and Literature” (Johns Hopkins, C. Dempsey)

Whitman-Coleman, Sally, “Empathetic Constructions in Early Netherlandish Painting: Narrative and Reception in the Art of Hans Memling” (UT Austin, J. Smith)

Wolf, K. A., “Studies in the Rhetoric of Dominican Imagery in Fifteenth-Century Italy” (Bryn Mawr, D. Cast)

Woollett, Anne, “The Altarpiece in Antwerp, 1554–1612: Painting and the Militia Guilds” (Columbia, D. Freedberg)

Wright, Amy Johnson, “The Bible of Borso d’Este: Christian Piety and Political Rhetoric in Quattrocento Ferrara” (Florida State, J. Freiberg)