Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Art of the United States
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2003

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Cahan, Susan, “Inventing the Multicultural Museum: A Critical Study of ‘Harlem on My Mind’” (CUNY, R. Golan)

Carbone, Teresa, “Historic American Paintings at the Brooklyn Museum of Art: A Critical Collection History with Selected Catalogue” (CUNY, H. B. Weinberg)

Chevlowe, Susan, “Josef Albers and the Department of Design at Yale” (CUNY, R. Long)

Ellis, James, “The Fourteenth Street School” (Case Western Reserve, H. Adams)

Empen, Cynthia Wiedemann, “Public and Exposed: The Female Body Imaged in American Visual Culture, 1848–1875” (Indiana, Bloomington, S. Burns)

Epstein, Stacy, “Alfred H. Maurer: Aestheticism to Modernism, 1897–1916” (CUNY, S. Webster)

Erpf, Rosemary, “Susan Rothenberg: Recreating Significance in Late Twentieth-Century Painting” (CUNY, M. Hadler)

Harper, Jennifer, “In All Good Conscience: Abolitionism in Popular American Im¬agery, 1830–1865” (Yale, J. Prown)

Husby, Andrea, “Birge Harrison: Artist, Teacher, and Critic” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Ivinski, Pamela, “Mary Cassatt: The Maternal Body and Modern Connoisseurship” (CUNY, C. Armstrong)

Jung, Eun Young, “From Sculpture to Situations: Dan Flavin’s Fluorescent Light Art of the 1960s” (UIUC, J. Fineberg)

Klee, Cristina, “The Happy Family and the Politics of Domesticity, 1840–1870” (Delaware, W. Craven)

Lawton, Saadia, “Representing the Representative: Visual Binaries of the Wedgwood Slave Medallion, 1787–1887” (Wisconsin, Madison, A. Andrzejewski)

Leslie, Richard, “Lawrence Alloway in England: His Criticism in Context” (CUNY, R. Long)

Lowrey, Carol, “The National Arts Club: Its Founding, Early History, and the Artist Life Membership” (CUNY, K. Murphy)

Meyer, Laura D., “Primary Process: Louise Bourgeois and American Art since World War II” (UCLA, D. Preziosi)

Minty, Nancy, “Dutch and Flemish Seventeenth-Century Art in America, 1800–1940: Collections, Connoisseurship, and Perceptions” (IFA/NYU, E. Haverkamp-Begemann)

Muller, Kevin Richard, “Cultural Costuming: Native Americans, Inversion, and the Power of an Exceptional White Masculinity” (UC Berkeley, M. Lovell)

Nichols, Arlene, “Merchants and Artists: The Apollo Association and the Formation of the American Art-Union” (CUNY, K. Murphy)

Paice, Kimberly, “Process Art and Pictoriality: Reading the Work of Robert Morris, Richard Serra, and Robert Smithson” (CUNY, J. Flam)

Reinhardt, Leslie, “Fabricated Images: Invented Dress in British and Colonial American Portraits” (Princeton, J. Wilmerding)

Rogers, Muriel Brine, “John Hartwell Cocke (1780–1866): From Jeffersonian Palladianism to Romantic Colonial Revival in Antebellum Virginia” (Virginia Commonwealth, C. Brownell)

Roznoy, Cynthia, “Henrietta Shore: American Modernist” (CUNY, G. Levin)

Rudolph, William, “Jean-Joseph Vaudechamps in France and Louisiana” (Bryn Mawr, S. Levine)

Sachant, Pamela, “The Art and Life of Eddie Arning” (Delaware, B. Herman)

Sanford, Cynthia, “Edward Simmons, a Painter and Yankee in the Gilded Age” (CUNY, S. Webster)

Strychasz, Jennifer, “‘Jesus is Black!’: Race and Christianity in African American Church Art, 1968–1986” (Maryland, College Park, S. Promey)

Tolles, Thayer, “Augustus Saint-Gaudens, His Critics, and the New School of American Sculpture, 1875–1893” (CUNY, S. Webster)

Trafton, Melissa Geisler, “Critics, Collectors, and the Nineteenth-Century Taste for the Paintings of John Frederick Kensett” (UC Berkeley, M. Lovell)

Wacks, Debra, “Subversive Humor: The Performance Art of Hannah Wilke, Eleanor Antin, and Adrian Piper” (CUNY, S. Webster)

Wechsler, James, “The Art and Activism of Hugo Gellert: Embracing the Specter of Com¬munism” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Wingate, Jennifer, “Doughboys, Art Worlds, and Identities: Sculpted Memories of World War I in the United States” (SUNY Stony Brook, M. Bogart)