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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Angelos, Meghan, "Picturing Modern Movement: American Dance Photography, 1900–1960" (University of Delaware, J. Hill)

Barton, Aleisha E., "Your Eyes Are Limited: Psychedelic Aesthetics in the Post-War Age, 1966–1970" (University of Minnesota, J. Marshall)

Bienvenue, Valérie, "Hospitalités interespèces: Études d’œuvres d’art représentant le cheval, du 18e siècle à aujourd’hui" (University of Montreal, N. Chare)

Blais, Christine, "Vers une économie générative et une gouvernance décentralisée du monde de l’art: Étude des pratiques artistiques et des institutions, sur la blockchain, entre 2014 et 2021" (University of Montreal, C. Bernier)

Boone, Jobyl A., "Christo and Jeanne-Claude in the United States, 1964–2005" (University of Delaware, S. Isenstadt)

Busciglio-Ritter, Thomas, "The Transatlantic American Landscape: Episodes in an Aesthetic and Material History (1810–1860)" (University of Delaware, W. Bellion)

Cesiro, Lauren, "The Body is a Battleground: Mapping Communities in the Photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe, Nan Goldin, and Sally Mann." (State University of New York, Binghamton, J. Tagg)

Clemens, Olivia, "Forming ‘Islamic Art’ in the United States: Collecting and Exhibiting in the American Context, ca. 1880–1940." (Columbia University, A. Shalem )

Crawford, Jack, "Flamboyant Abundance: Performing Queer Maximalism, 1960–1990" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), C. Bishop, S. Edgecomb)

Davison, Marianna, “Places for People: Aesthetics and Ethics of Landscape Reclamation in the Pacific Northwest” (University of California, Irvine, J. Nisbet)

DeFeo, Janine, "Food and the Social Body in U.S. Art, 1962–1983" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), S. Wilson, M. Hadler)

Demay, Marie-Odile, "Art History Discourses of Television Series on Art" (University of Montreal, E. Chateau Dutier, W. Uricchio)

Donahey, Kelly, "Negative Freedom: Media Art, Mass Culture, and the Late American Avant-Garde, 1965-1993” (University of California, Irvine, C. Liu)

Downing, Theresa, "Traces: A Transhistorical Study of Fiber Ecologies in Contemporary Art" (Bard Graduate Center, J. Blocker, J. Marshall)

Fein, Katherine, "The Garb of Nature: Picturing Nudity, Race, and Ecology in the Nineteenth-Century United States" (Columbia University, E. Hutchinson)

Fisher, Dorothy, "The Moon Belongs to Everyone: NASA's Artist Cooperation Program and the Making of Space Race History" (University of Delaware, J. Hill)

Flattley, Megan, "Out of the Fragments, New Worlds: Perspective and Space in the Work of Diego Rivera, 1913–1933" (Tulane University, A. Anagnost, D. Cruz Porchini)

Fletcher, Jessica, "A Municipal Modernity: Women, Architecture, and Public Health in Working Class New York, 1913–1950" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), M. Gutman)

Gandert, Sonja Elena, "La resolana: Chicano Artistic Imaginaries of Place, Race, and Activism in New Mexico and Texas, 1969–1985" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), A. Indych-López)

Gevalt, Emelie, "Unseen New England: Identity & Exclusion in Early American Art & Material Culture" (University of Delaware, J. Van Horn, W. Bellion)

Goldberg, Roxanne, "Selling and Salvaging 'the Orient': U.S. Circuits of Islamic Art, 1870–1940" (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, K. Smentek)

Graversen, Hanne, "Interchanges: Construction of the U.S. Interstate Highway System and Artistic Practice, 1956–1984" (University of Chicago, C. Mehring)

Green, William, "Looking Back/Looking Forward: Alternative and Antiquated Process Photography in North America, ca. 1970" (Rutgers University, A. Zervigon)

H. Carrión, María Beatriz, "Picturing Americans: Indigeneities and Modern Visualities in the US and Latin America, 1863–1929" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), K. Manthorne)

Hankel, Meg, "The Magic of 3-D: A History of Stereoscopy in Art and Visual Culture" (Bryn Mawr College, H. King, L. Saltzman)

Hartman, Michael, "Art, Technology, and Aesthetics within Landscapes of Enslavement in Maryland and Virginia, 1740–1820" (University of Delaware, J. Van Horn)

Juarez Cruz, Marco Polo, "Routes and Networks of Mexican Abstraction across the Americas (1958–1970)" (University of Maryland, College Park, A. McEwen)

Keller, Eliyahu, "Drawing Apocalypse: Architectural Representation in the Nuclear Age and the Imagination of the End" (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, T. Hyde, M. Jarzombek)

Kim Duffey, Ashley, "(Re)visioning Kinship: Photographies of U.S.-Korean Adoption, 1952–present" (University of Minnesota, J. Marshall)

Kuipers, Grace, "Mineral Modernism: the Mexican Subsoil and the Remapping of American Form" (University of California, Berkeley, L. Kroiz)

Larson, Jessica, "Building Black Manhattan: Architecture, Art, and the Politics of Respectability, 1857–1914" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), M. Gutman)

Lee, Chaeeun, "Whither Asia? Race, Identity, and Aesthetics in Asian American Art, 1960s–1970s" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), M. Hadler)

Lehman, Bree, "Ancestors and Heirlooms: The Reception, Collection, and Display of Early American Portraiture, 1876–1941" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), K. Manthorne)

Levy, Benjamin, "A Gray Area: The Technical and Aesthetic Development of the Photographic Halftone" (Case Western Reserve University, A. Rager, H. Adams)

Lodwick, Leslie, "Architectures of Schooling: School Construction Systems Development" (University of California, Santa Cruz, A. Narath)

Maier, Angelica J., "Toxic Matter: American Sculpture, Materials Science and Cultural Fear, 1962–1979" (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, J. Blocker)

Marshall, Janina Piper, "Who Speaks: Ericka Beckman's New Talkie" (Columbia University, B. Joseph)

McKittrick, Anna, "The Next Larger Thing: The "Open" Work at Mid-century" (Emory University, T. Cronan, C. Campbell)

McLaughlin, Laurel, "Towards a “Performative Migratory Aesthetics” of Work by Womxn-Identifying Practitioners, 1970–2018" (Bryn Mawr College, H. King)

Mellema, Tatiana, "The Art Institution and the Social Unconscious: Feminist Art and Social Reproduction in 1969–1980 North America" (University of British Columbia, E. Silver, J. Mansoor )

Millar Fisher, Michelle, "Craft Schools: American Craft Culture and Sites of Collective Pedagogy, 1970–1985" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), K. Murphy)

Mize, Ramey, "Battle Grounds: Painting, War and Witness in the Americas, 1861–1902" (University of Pennsylvania, M. Leja, G. Shaw)

Mohammadi, Banafsheh, "Images of the Experiential: The Petroleum Roots of the Phenomenology of Religion and Architectural Phenomenology, 1945–1967" (University of Alberta, J. Greer)

Nicholas, Sasha, "Portraiture and the Making of the Modern American Artist, 1918–1929" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), K. Manthorne)

Orzulak, Jessica, "Photography Otherwise: Denaturing Colonial Visualities in Contemporary Native American Photography" (Duke University, K. Stiles)

Pappas, Allison, "'Considered only in its ultimate nature': Photography between Object and Idea" (Brown University, D. Nickel)

Proulx, Christelle, "Enquête sur la fabrique du visible dans le web: Utopies, photographies et algorithmes à l’oeuvre" (University of Montreal, S. Paquet)

Rawlings, Courtney, "The Architecture of Red Los Angeles: Building Low-Cost Housing Communities for a Postwar Future, 1940–1960" (Emory University, T. Cronan, C. Crawford)

Riley-Lopez, Erin, "Queering the Museum: Utopian Futurity in Contemporary Exhibitions" (Temple University, M. Alvarez, A. Patel)

Rogers Morris, Sarah, "Photographic Infrastructures: The Framing of American Architectural Photography, 1890–1940" (University of Illinois Chicago, S. Banerji, Ö. Harmansah)

Rosenblum, Lauren, "The Art, Craft, and Labor of Lithography during the American Print Renaissance, 1952–68" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), K. Manthorne)

Sato, Analisa, "Post-Function: U.S. Fiber Art between Bauhaus and Feminist Textiles” (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), M. Hadler, R. Bletter)

Scott, Lily F., "Neither Then nor Now: Queer Temporalities & Interwar Portraits of Expatriate Sapphists " (Temple University, E. Pauwels)

Sklarz, Cambra, "The Artist and the Ecosystem: Strategies for the Use and Reuse of Materials in Early America" (University of California, Riverside, J. Weems)

Sledge, David, "Contested Modernism: Black Artists and the Spaces of American Modern Art, 1925–1950" (Columbia University, E. Hutchinson)

Smith, Cassandra, "Kiva Murals at Pottery Mound: A Consideration of a Trans-temporal Performativity in a Puebloan Life World " (University of Illinois Chicago, V. Miller)

Stritzler, Nina, "Alfred H. Barr, Jr., and Architecture at MoMA 1929–1949: Defining a New Museum Curatorial Practice" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), R. Bletter, M. Gutman)

Sunnergren, Victoria, "Cracks in the Clay: Gender in Historic and Contemporary Pueblo Pottery" (University of Delaware, J. Horton)

Thrailkill, Molly Katharine, "The Axe and the Lens: A Visual History of Trees in Industrial America" (University of California, Irvine, C. Whiting)

Verplank McClelland, Ashley, "Awakening the Ancestors: The Tlingit Collection at the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography" (University of Washington, K. Bunn-Marcuse, S. Haakanson)

Vogel, Rachel, "The Machine That Makes the Art: Printmaking and Conceptual Practice, 1964–1975" (Harvard University, C. Lambert-Beatty, J. Roberts)

Volz, Scott, "Deadly Circularity: Waste and Ecology in Art of the 1970s and 1980s"
(University of California, Irvine, J. Nisbet)

Weldon-Yochim, Zoe, "Atomic Afterlives: Visualizing Nuclear Toxicity in Art of the United States, 1979–2011" (University of California, Santa Cruz, T. Demos)

Yoshida, Yuri, "Placing Abstraction: Barnett Newman and the System of Historicization" (Rice University, G. Bader, G. Hughes)