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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Herbert, Cassandre, "Le mythe de Cérès dans l'art de la Renaissance / The Myth of Ceres in the art of the Renaissance" (University of Montreal, P. Morel, D. Ribouillault)

Kim, Young, "Imaging Auspiciousness in High Qing China" (University of Wisconsin–Madison, Y. Li)

LaRocca, Austen Leigh, "Arches & Memory: A Diachronic View of Roman Monuments" (Rutgers University, J. Kenfield III)

Park, SaeHim, "Imaging 'Comfort Women': Girl Statue of Peace in the Expanded Field" (Duke University, S. Abe)

Strecker, Alexander, "Athens, in Pieces: Toward a Reparative Art History" (Duke University, M. Olson)

Tamur, Erhan, "Site-Worlds: An Account of Material Lives from Tello (ancient Girsu)" (Columbia University, Z. Bahrani)