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Material Culture
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Barrow, Robyn, "Tracking North: Art, Ecology and Exchange in the Medieval Nordic World" (University of Pennsylvania, S. Guérin)

Barton, Aleisha E., "Your Eyes Are Limited: Psychedelic Aesthetics in the Post-War Age, 1966–1970" (University of Minnesota, J. Marshall)

Dostal, Zoë, "Rope, Linen, Thread: Gender, Labor, and the Textile Industry in Eighteenth-Century British Art" (Columbia University, M. Gamer)

Duntemann, Elizabeth, "(Re)Constructing Chronic Infirmity and Healing: Mal Francese in the Art, Architecture, and Urban Spaces of Early Modern Italy" (Temple University, T. Cooper)

Eberhard, Susan, "Canton Silver: Exchange and Ambivalence in Late Imperial Chinese Craft" (University of California, Berkeley, M. Lovell, P. Berger)

Ezor, Danielle, "Whiteness at the Dressing Table: Race, Gender, and Materiality in Eighteenth-Century France and the French Caribbean" (Southern Methodist University, A. Freund)

Fisher, Dorothy, "The Moon Belongs to Everyone: NASA's Artist Cooperation Program and the Making of Space Race History" (University of Delaware, J. Hill)

Goddard, Brandi S., "Humble Hands in Humble Homes”: Cottage-Industry Textiles, Women’s Labour, and Craft Co-operatives in Ireland, 1935–1960" (University of Alberta, J. Greer)

Heatherly, Bryce, "Donating Objects and Constructing Relic Pagodas in Jiangnan, Tenth–Eleventh Centuries" (University of Pennsylvania, N. Steinhardt)

Kosygina, Nastasya, "Palimpsestuous Urbanism: Infrastructure and the Watery Underwriting of Late Antique Rome" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa, R. Betancourt)

Lally, Michael, "To Wear, To Eat, To Ride, To See: Object Biographies and the History of Mobility in the Nineteenth-Century Western Indian Ocean" (Temple University, E. Neumeier)

Michael, Kelin, "Word, Image, and Copy: The Reception of Hrabanus Maurus's 'In honorem sanctae crucis,' ca. 810–1600 CE" (Emory University, E. Pastan)

Ong, Sophia, "Hanging on the Body: Pendants, Identity, and Corporeal Interaction in the Late Middle Ages" (Rutgers University, L. Weigert)

Peterson, May, "A Matter of Life and Death: Early Medieval Experiments in Inhumation, Incarnation, and Representation" (University of Chicago, A. Kumler, P. Berlekamp)

Qian, Wenyi, "Crafting Knowledge, Telling Stones: The Art of Pietre Dure Tables in Early Modern Italy, 1550s–1660s" (University of Toronto, P. Sohm)

Rockey, Tyler, "Riuso e Restauro: Contextualizing the Reuse of Ancient Sculpture and Material Signification in Early Modern Italy " (Temple University, M. Hall, T. Cooper)

Sklarz, Cambra, "The Artist and the Ecosystem: Strategies for the Use and Reuse of Materials in Early America" (University of California, Riverside, J. Weems)

Weitzman, Margo, "Mediated and Constructed Realities: India through the Eyes of Early Modern Italian Merchants" (Rutgers University, S. McHam, T. Sears)

Wells, Mallory, "King of Kings: The Visual Cultures of Power and Sanctity in the Visigothic Kingdom and the Early Medieval World," (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa)

Ziaii-Bigdeli, Layah, "Materiality, Foodways and the Construction of Elite Cultural Identity in the Late Antique and Early Islamic Iranian World (3rd-10th century CE)" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa)