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Blair, Susannah, "Constantin Guys and the Modern Newspaper" (Columbia University, J. Crary)

Brown, Thomas, "What Was in the News: Picturing Current Events in Seventeenth Century France" (Rutgers University, C. Puglisi, S. McHam)

Burke, Kirsten, "The Art of Writing in Renaissance Germany: Johann Neudörffer’s Calligraphic Revolution" (Harvard University, J. Koerner)

Canter, Danielle, "The Singular Impression: Monotype in Nineteenth-Century France" (University of Delaware, M. Werth)

Chapplow, Richard, "Humanized Animals: The Aesopian Fables Evolves Through Print" (University of British Columbia, J. Monteyne, M. Georgios)

Coudrelle, Maeve, "The Imprint of Hemispheric Exchange: The Bienal Americana de Grabado, 1963–1970" (Temple University, M. Alvarez)

de Jong, Emma, "Personification, Zinnespelen, and the Allegorical Print: Modes of Discursive Engagement in Antwerp and Haarlem, 1550–1600." (Emory University, W. Melion, B. Ramakers)

Feinberg, Michael, "Caribbean Landscapes and Agencies beyond the Human in British Print Culture surrounding the Haitian Revolution" (University of Wisconsin–Madison, J. Casid)

Friedman, Emily, "Transformations: Art, Enigma, and Intellectual Culture, Lyon 1500–1550" (Johns Hopkins University, M. Merback, S. Campbell)

Gillette, Lacy, "People Watching in Paper Worlds: Jost Amman (1539–1591) and Picturing the 'Type' in the Early Modern Illustrated Book" (Florida State University, L. Stephanie)

Hafer, Abbey, "Etching Architecture: The Intersection of Paper and Practice in the Printed Works of Alessandro Specchi (1666–1729)" (Emory University, S. McPhee)

Henry, Joseph, "Spiritualized Machines: Die Brücke, Expressionism, and Wilhelmine Modernity " (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), R. Golan)

Janney, Elena, "The Drake Manuscript: Offshore Views of the Sixteenth-Century Caribbean" (Harvard University, J. Koerner)

Lund, Sarah, "The Matrix of Citizenship: Female Printmakers in Revolutionary France, 1789–1848" (Harvard University, E. Lajer-Burcharth)

Minden, Ariella, "In Dialogue: Medial Thinking in Bolognese Printmaking, 1500–1530" (University of Toronto, E. Levy)

Ray, Arianna, "Paper Skin: Printing Blackness and Materializing Race in the Early Modern Dutch Atlantic" (Northwestern University, C. Swan, R. Zorach)

Rosenblum, Lauren, "The Art, Craft and Labor of Lithography during the American Print Renaissance, 1952–68" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), K. Manthorne)

Shan, Dan, "Drawing Connections: Models and Design Transfer from the Album of Daoist and Buddhist Themes and Beyond" (Rice University, G. Bader)

Simmons, Elizabeth, "Volterrano as a Draftsman: Style, Technique, and Connoisseurship of Drawings in Seicento Florence" (University of Delaware, D. Stone)

Wiepke, Hannah, "For pictures are the most intelligible books”: Crafting Knowledge in Early Modern Printed Images and Books, 1500–1700" (University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, M. Gaudio)

Young, Rachel, "Picturing Medium: Contours of the Italian Reproductive Print ca.1565–1636" (Johns Hopkins University, S. Campbell, A. Hyman)