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Artistic Practice/Creativity
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Athari, Maryam, "Scalar Frames: Modern Art in Iran through the Prism of Jahani (1953–1979)" (Northwestern University, H. Feldman, C. Huey)

Hein, Erin, "Accident and Fortuna in Seventeenth-Century Italian Art" (University of Delaware, D. Stone)

Hunter, Jessica, "Seeing and Not Seeing Giraffes: Explorations in Perception, Art, and Possibility" (University of the Arts, Philadelphia, B. Spector, R. Beghetto)

Parent, Andréanne, "L'atelier Girodet-Robert: Les étudiantes oubliées " (University of Montreal, E. Contogouris )

Reddicks Pignataro, Megan, "The Facture of Non-Linear Perspective in Quattrocento Florence" (Temple University, M. Hall)

Vallah, Or, "'I Live in Hell and Paint Its Pictures: Rethinking the Early Modern Art-Making Experience through Affect Theory and Disability Studies" (University of Washington, E. Lingo, S. Lingo)