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Ancient Egyptian/Near Eastern Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Maghsoudlou, Arvin, "Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Silver Vessels: New Approaches to the Arts of the Iranian World during Late Antiquity" (Southern Methodist University, S. Langin-Hooper, A. Stockstill)

Maxon, Rachael, "Moving Monuments, and Transported Treasures: Susa, Assemblage, and the Afterlife of Objects" (University of Iowa, B. Anderson)

Whitehead, Emily, "Variance and Innovation in Middle Kingdom Coffins at a Time of Standardization and Homogeneity" (Emory University, R. Nyord)

Ziaii-Bigdeli, Layah, "Materiality, Foodways and the Construction of Elite Cultural Identity in the Late Antique and Early Islamic Iranian World (3rd-10th century CE)" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa)