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Southern Europe and Mediterranean
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Acar, Tugrul, "The Shrine of Jalal al-Din Rumi and Mevlevi Socio-religious Buildings in Late Medieval Anatolia" (Harvard University, G. Necipoglu, D. Roxburgh)

Ahn, Jaeun Cabelle, "Multiple Exposures: Drawing Exhibitions in Eighteenth-Century France" (Harvard University, E. Lajer-Burcharth)

Altun, Yasemin, "Collaboration as Freedom for Women Artists in France, 1648–1791" (Duke University, S. Caviglia)

Barbarini, Flavia, "Searching for Drawings in Sixteenth-Century Italy: Provenances and Networking in the Eye of the Collector" (Temple University, M. Hall, T. Cooper)

Barnard, Bailey, "Making an Appearance: Presenting Hellenistic Kings in Portraits and in Person" (Columbia University, I. Mylonopoulos, F. de Angelis)

Berthoud, Marian, "Ruined and Rebuilt: Constructing the Ideal Baroque City After Natural Disasters" (Temple University, T. Cooper, M. Hall)

Coty, Katherine, "Nel Cuore di Tufo: Landscape, Stone, and Regional Identity in Sixteenth-Century Tuscia" (University of Washington, S. Lingo, E. Lingo)

Daly, Christopher, "Painting in Lucca in the Late Fifteenth Century: A Problem in Artistic Geography" (Johns Hopkins University, S. Campbell)

Dillon, Claire, "Constructing the Histories of Norman Sicily: Production, Power, and Fragmentation in the Textile Industry and Beyond" (Columbia University, A. Shalem)

Doherty, Tiarna, "Vicente Carducho’s Studio-Academy: Modelling Artistic Practice and Connoisseurship in Early Modern Spain " (University of Delaware, M. Dominguez Torres)

Duntemann, Elizabeth, "(Re)Constructing Chronic Infirmity and Healing: Mal Francese in the Art, Architecture, and Urban Spaces of Early Modern Italy" (Temple University, T. Cooper)

Ekserdjian, Alexander, "Immortal Bodies: The Sculptural Representation of Mortals and Gods in the Sanctuaries of Central Italy" (Columbia University, F. De Angelis)

Forniotis, Brittany, "The Architecture of Healing: Hospitals in the Mediterranean (600–1700)" (Duke University, S. Galletti)

Galardi, Elisa, "The Relief Icon in Byzantium" (University of Pennsylvania, I. Drpić)

Gilad, Iris, "Maps and Mapping Dislocation: The Art of Contemporary Middle Eastern Women Émigré Artists" (Duke University, K. Stiles)

Gittleman, Elena, "Legacies of Ancient Theater in Middle Byzantine Visual Culture (ca. 843–1204)" (Bryn Mawr College, A. Walker, H. King)

Gonzalbez, Nina, "Looking Inward: Identifying the Local within the Global in Late Fifteenth-Century Sevillian Artworks" (Florida State University, E. Loic)

Hafer, Abbey, "Etching Architecture: The Intersection of Paper and Practice in the Printed Works of Alessandro Specchi (1666–1729)" (Emory University, S. McPhee)

Hagen, Emily, "Pietro da Cortona’s Santi Luca e Martina: Rediscovered Relics and the Spectacle of Reform in Seventeenth-Century Rome" (Penn State University, R. Thomas, D. Zolli)

Hein, Erin, "Accident and Fortuna in Seventeenth-Century Italian Art" (University of Delaware, D. Stone)

Herbert, Cassandre, "Le mythe de Cérès dans l'art de la Renaissance / The Myth of Ceres in the Art of the Renaissance" (University of Montreal, P. Morel, D. Ribouillault)

Hogan, Dana, "Expanding Worlds: Women Artists and Cross-Cultural Encounters in Early Modern Europe (Working Title)" (Duke University, S. Galletti)

Jiang, Angel, "Plateresque Fantasies: Architecture and Ornament in Renaissance Spain" (Columbia University, M. Waters)

Johnson, Gabriella, "Galatea's Realm: The Art of Coral, Shells, and Marine Fossils in Early Modern Sicily, Naples, and the Maltese Islands" (University of Delaware, D. Stone, P. Chapman)

Katz, Julia, "Circe’s Wand: Reimagining Antiquities in Early Modern Europe, 1500–1800" (Rutgers University, C. Puglisi )

Kolarik, Tania, "The Fabric of the Trecento: The Culture of Textiles in the Long Fourteenth Century" (University of Wisconsin–Madison, T. Dale, J. Pruitt)

Kosygina, Nastasya, "Palimpsestuous Urbanism: Infrastructure and the Watery Underwriting of Late Antique Rome" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa, R. Betancourt)

Lambert, Nora S., "Picturing Mobility: Late Medieval and Renaissance Naples at the Threshold of the Mediterranean" (University of Chicago, N. Atkinson)

LaRocca, Austen Leigh, "Arches & Memory: A Diachronic View of Roman Monuments" (Rutgers University, J. Kenfield III)

Levitan, Rebecca, "The Pasquino Group: Sculpture, Conversation, and Resistance from Ancient Greece to Renaissance Rome" (University of California, Berkeley, A. Stewart, C. Hallett)

Lindeman, Ashley, "L'Arte Murale: Modern Italian Muralism and the Expansion of Empire, 1932–1945" (Florida State University, A. Jolles)

Mackin, Elliot, "Queering Christ: Desire, Pleasure, and the Body in Byzantine Art" (University of Pennsylvania, I. Drpić)

Masgras, Alexandra, "Biopolitical Architecture: Public Health, the Built Environment, and Right-Wing Politics in Romania, 1920–1944" (Duke University, P. Jaskot)

McAninch, Jennifer, "Reexamining Reflection: Deprioritizing GrecoRoman Influence in Etruscan Art" (University of Florida, A. Jones, M. Eaverly)

McGuire, Maureen, "Unacknowledged Influence: The Impact of Anikia Juliana’s Cultural Matronage on Sixth-Century Constantinople" (University of California, Santa Cruz, M. Evangelatou, E. Sullivan)

Michael, Kelin, "Word, Image, and Copy: The Reception of Hrabanus Maurus's 'In honorem sanctae crucis,' ca. 810–1600 CE" (Emory University, E. Pastan)

Miller, Caitlin, "Leonardeschi Reconsidered: Giovanni Boltraffio, Andrea Solario, and Bernardino Luini, 1490–1530 " (Columbia University, M. Cole)

Mims, Caitlin, "Hystera Amulets: Magic and Female Healing in the Middle Byzantine Period" (Florida State University, L. Jones)

Minden, Ariella, "In Dialogue: Medial Thinking in Bolognese Printmaking, 1500–1530" (University of Toronto, E. Levy)

Mingoia, Jessica, "In Pergula Natus: Inns and Apartments of Pompeii and Herculaneum" (Rutgers University, J. Kenfield)

Mohr, Emily C., "Assembling Women: Performance and Community in the Tanagra Figurines" (Duke University, S. Dillon)

Mueller, Linda, "Arte-Facts: Drawings as Legal and Juridical Objects in Early Modern Italy" (Harvard University, J. Koerner, F. Pereda)

Patton, Ashley, "Tangible Women: Marble Sculptures of Female Saints in Seventeenth-Century Rome" (University of Minnesota, S. Ostrow)

Perreault, Anna, "Cartographie, Insularité, et Pouvoir: Les Représentations des Îles Égéennes aux XVE et XVIE Siècle" (University of Montreal, D. Ribouillault)

Polinsky, Rachel, "'Fair-Ankled' Korai: Feet, Footwear, and a Reconsideration of Stylistic Progression in the Art of Ancient Greece" (University of Florida, M. Eaverly, A. Jones)

Porstner, Laurie, "Crossroads and Thresholds: The Lares, Magic, and Material Culture in the Roman West" (Rutgers University, J. Kenfield III)

Qian, Wenyi, "Crafting Knowledge, Telling Stones: The Art of Pietre Dure Tables in Early Modern Italy, 1550s–1660s" (University of Toronto, P. Sohm)

Ralston, Daniel, "Painting in Spanish: Fortuny, Manet, and the Image of Spain in the Later Nineteenth Century" (Columbia University, A. Higonnet)

Reddicks Pignataro, Megan, "The Facture of Non-Linear Perspective in Quattrocento Florence" (Temple University, M. Hall)

Remmes, Rachel, "The Threat of Dualism: The Genesis Program in the Thirteenth-Century Abbey Bible" (Johns Hopkins University, C. Lakey, S. Campbell)

Rockey, Tyler, "Riuso e Restauro: Contextualizing the Reuse of Ancient Sculpture and Material Signification in Early Modern Italy" (Temple University, M. Hall, T. Cooper)

Rumora, Roko, "Spacing Statues: Interpreting Curatorial Interventions on Roman Aedicular Façades" (University of Chicago, R. Neer)

Simmons, Elizabeth, "Volterrano as a Draftsman: Style, Technique, and Connoisseurship of Drawings in Seicento Florence" (University of Delaware, D. Stone)

Sorgini, Antongiulio, "Art and the Making of Loreto" (Johns Hopkins University, S. Campbell)

Strecker, Alexander, "Athens, in Pieces: Toward a Reparative Art History" (Duke University, M. Olson)

Streiter, Nava, "Schemata: The Language of the Body in Middle Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts" (Bryn Mawr College, A. Walker)

Takaes de Oliveira, Ianick, "Heavenscapes: The Celestial Paradise in the Art of the Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Italian Peninsula" (Columbia University, M. Cole)

Timte, Julie, "Drawing Diaspora and Picturing the City: Visualizing the Islamic "Other" in Early Modern Italy (Working Title)" (Rice University, J. Manca, F. Emami)

Weil, Benjamin, "Constructing Identity: City Representations and the Formation of Community in Fourteenth-Century Italy" (Northwestern University, C. Normore)

Weitzman, Margo , "Mediated and Constructed Realities: India through the Eyes of Early Modern Italian Merchants" (Rutgers University, S. McHam, T. Sears)

Wells, Mallory, "King of Kings: The Visual Cultures of Power and Sanctity in the Visigothic Kingdom and the Early Medieval World," (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa)

Westerby, Genevieve, "Engineered Waterways in French Landscape Painting, 1850–1900" (University of Delaware, M. Werth, S. Isenstadt)

Young, Rachel, "Picturing Medium: Contours of the Italian Reproductive Print ca.1565–1636" (Johns Hopkins University, S. Campbell, A. Hyman)

Zappella, Christine, "Monochrome Painting and the Period Body in Andrea del Sarto's Cloister of the Scalzo" (University of Chicago, C. Cohen)