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South America
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Bassi Cendra, Giovanna, "Tectonics of Development: Mineral Extraction and the Architecture of the University-City in South America, 1945–1975" (Rice University, F. López-Durán, G. Hughes)

Borowitz, Maggie, "Caught by Surprise: Affect and Feminist Politics in the Art of Magali Lara" (University of Chicago, M. Sullivan)

Coudrelle, Maeve, "The Imprint of Hemispheric Exchange: The Bienal Americana de Grabado, 1963–1970" (Temple University, M. Alvarez)

Dacus, Chelsea, "Tiwanaku Metal Work and the Staging of Vision: An Analysis of the Metallurgical, Iconographical, and Contextual Characteristics of Middle Horizon Gold, Silver, and Copper" (Rice University, L. Costello, R. Koontz)

Ligmond, Katie Elizabeth, "Deliberate Confusion: the Role of Abstraction in Imperial Andean Textile Design" (University of California, Santa Cruz, C. Dean)

Menéndez Pereda, Alba, "The Sapa Inca Memory Pathways. Landscape of History in the Inca Heartland" (University of California, Los Angeles, S. Nair)

Plazas, Hugo, "The Image of Racialized Groups in Nineteenth-Century Colombian Costumbrista Paintings" (University of Alberta, B. Boone)

Querin, Camilla, "Dialectics of Malandragem: the Art of Resistance in 1960s–1980s’ Brazil" (University of California, Riverside, A. Le Blanc)

Ramos, Horacio, "Performances of Race: The Making of an Experimental 'arte popular' in Peru, 1960–1990" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), A. Indych-López, K. Manthorne)

Sadighian, David, "The World Is a Composition: Beaux-Arts Design and Internationalism in the Age of Empire, 1867–1914" (Harvard University , A. Payne, P. Del Real)

Sánchez Bataller, Daniel, "Post-Socialism in Chile and Spain: Critical Realism in the Art of Patricio Guzmán and Santiago Sierra" (University of Illinois Chicago, B. Stimson)