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Twentieth Century
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2021

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Badgett, Virginia Reynolds, "Representing Modern Women: Robert Henri, Portraiture, and Identity" (University of California, Santa Barbara, B. Robertson, J. Sorkin)

Chang, Yuri, "Negotiating Urban Identities: International Art Events and the Cultural Identities of Korean Cities, 1988–1995" (State University of New York, Binghamton, T. McDonough)"

Custer, Lee Ann, "'Urban Voids’: Picturing Light, Air, and Open Space in New York, 1890–1935” (University of Pennsylvania, M. Leja, D. Brownlee)

Francolino, Julian T., "Variations on Monumentality: Laboring Bodies and Socialism, 1930-1970" (University of California, Irvine, R. Betancourt)

Grotte-Jacobs, Miriam, "Capital Art: Rethinking the Washington Color School" (Johns Hopkins University, M. Warnock)

Hartman, Joseph R., "Modern Dreams: Building Machado's Cuba, 1925–1933" (Southern Methodist University, A. Herring, R. Tejada)

Iqbal, Sharrissa, "Alternative Abstractions: Art and Science in Twentieth-Century Los Angeles" (University of California, Irvine, C. Whiting)

Korola, Katerina, "How to Photograph the Air: Photography, Cinema, and the Problem of Atmosphere in German Modernism, 1893–1933" (University of Chicago, T. Gunning, C. Mehring)

Lin, Nancy P., "Making Spaces: Site-Based Practice in Contemporary Chinese Art in the Long 1990s" (University of Chicago, W. Hung, C. Mehring)

McCutcheon, Erin L., "'Somos madres ¿y qué más?': Feminism, Maternal Subjectivity, and Artistic Practice in Mexico City, 1971–91" (Tulane University, T. Reese, G. Pollock)

Minton, Laura, "I’ve been all over this world four times”: Travel, Place, and Memory in the Drawings of Joseph E. Yoakum" (University of Kansas, D. Cateforis)

Mintz, Jordan, "Under Arrest: Photography, Censorship, and the Mapplethorpe Controversy " (Tulane University, M. Plante, M. Foa)

Neri Lewis, Cynthia, "Illuminated Walls of the California Missions: The Index of American Design (1936–1942) and the Creation of a Usable Past" (University of California, Riverside, J. Weems, A. LeBlanc)

Shabtay, Talia, "See, Think, Learn: Creativity and Limits in Early Cold War Art and Technology " (Northwestern University, H. Feldman )

Shirazi, Sadia, "Fugitive Abstraction: Zarina, Mohamedi, and Lala Rukh" (Cornell University, I. Dadi, S. Hassan)

Skinner, Bill, "Mass Housing with Technical Aid in Welfare State Barbados, 1936–1963" (Brown University, I. Osayimwese, D. Neumann)

Stark, Jessica Williams, "Anne Fischer: South African Photography and the Modernist Lens" (Harvard University, S. Blier , B. Buchloh )

Strupp, Brittany, "Between Impressionism and Realism: Robert Henri's Early Career, Navigation of Nineteenth-Century French Modernism, and the Development of an American Avant-Garde" (Temple University, E. Pauwels, A. West)

Valle, Luisa, "The Beehive, the Favela, the Castle, and the Ministry: Race and Modern Architecture in Rio de Janeiro, 1811 to 1945" (Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), M. Gutman, A. Indych-Lopez)

Welch, Elizabeth, "Looking at Bodies that Dance: Dance Index, the Visual Arts, and the Image of Performance in the 1940s" (University of Texas at Austin, A. Reynolds)

Whitham Sánchez, Hilary, "Entitled Imaginings: Tristan Tzara, Dada, and the Idea of Africa" (University of Pennsylvania, M. Leja, G. Shaw)

Wolff, Rebecca, "Experience and Memory: The Nigerian Civil War (1967–1970) and Nigerian Contemporary Art" (University of California, Los Angeles, S. Nelson)

Ziegenfuss, Jessica Elizabeth, "The Matter of Eva Hesse: Industrial Collage, Latex, and Plastics within Post-War Material Culture, 1964-1969" (University of California, Irvine, J. Nisbet)