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Eleventh to Fourteenth Century
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Barrow, Robyn, "Tracking North: Art, Ecology and Exchange in the Medieval Nordic World " (University of Pennsylvania, S. Guérin)

Dillon, Claire, "Constructing the Histories of Norman Sicily: Production, Power, and Fragmentation in the Textile Industry and Beyond" (Columbia University, A. Shalem)

Eisenman, Ryan, "Opera et Labora: The Limoges Champlevé Enamel Industry, 1100–1400" (University of Pennsylvania, S. Guérin)

Fidler, Luke A., "Henry the Lion and the Art of Politics in Northern Europe, ca. 1142–1195" (University of Chicago, A. Kumler, R. Neer)

Forniotis, Brittany, "The Architecture of Healing: Hospitals in the Mediterranean (600–1700)" (Duke University, S. Galletti)

Gittleman, Elena, "Legacies of Ancient Theater in Middle Byzantine Visual Culture (ca. 843–1204)" (Bryn Mawr College, A. Walker, H. King)

Kite, Whitney, "The Lay of the Land: Armenian Monasteries in Their Local Landscapes" (Columbia University, H. Klein, A. Shalem)

Kolarik, Tania, "The Fabric of the Trecento: The Culture of Textiles in the Long Fourteenth Century" (University of Wisconsin–Madison, T. Dale, J. Pruitt)

Le Pouésard, Emma, "Contested Sites of Feminine Agency: Ivory Grooming Implements in Late Medieval Europe" (Columbia University, H. Klein, A. Shalem)

Maceross, Lauren, "The “pulchritudo rationis” of Human Organs: On a Physiological Poetics of Late Medieval Containers" (Johns Hopkins University, N. Zchomelidse)

Michael, Kelin, "Word, Image, and Copy: the Reception of Hrabanus Maurus's 'In honorem sanctae crucis,' ca. 810–1600 CE" (Emory University, E. Pastan)

Remmes, Rachel, "The Threat of Dualism: the Genesis Program in the Thirteenth-Century Abbey Bible" (Johns Hopkins University, C. Lakey, S. Campbell)

Shan, Dan, "Drawing Connections: Models and Design Transfer from the Album of Daoist and Buddhist Themes and Beyond " (Rice University, G. Bader)

Smith, Cassandra, "Kiva Murals at Pottery Mound: A Consideration of a Trans-temporal Performativity in a Puebloan Life World " (University of Illinois Chicago, V. Miller)

Streiter, Nava, "Schemata: The Language of the Body in Middle Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts" (Bryn Mawr College, A. Walker)

Varanese, Sara, "Ekamra Tirtha. Urban Landscape and Ecology in a Premodern Pilgrimage Centre." (Rutgers University, T. Sears)

Weil, Benjamin, "Constructing Identity: City Representations and the Formation of Community in Fourteenth-Century Italy" (Northwestern University, C. Normore)