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Sixth to Tenth Century
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Copplestone, Louis, "Monasteries, Mountains and Maṇḍalas: Buddhist Architecture and Architectural Imagination in India after 750 CE" (Harvard University, J. Kim, Y. Lippit)

Dacus, Chelsea, "Tiwanaku Metal Work and the Staging of Vision: An Analysis of the Metallurgical, Iconographical, and Contextual Characteristics of Middle Horizon Gold, Silver, and Copper" (Rice University, L. Costello, R. Koontz)

Heatherly, Bryce, "Donating Objects and Constructing Relic Pagodas in Jiangnan, 10th–11th Centuries" (University of Pennsylvania, N. Steinhardt)

Kosygina, Nastasya,"Palimpsestuous Urbanism: Infrastructure and the Watery Underwriting of Late Antique Rome" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa, R. Betancourt)

Maghsoudlou, Arvin, "Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Silver Vessels: New Approaches to the Arts of the Iranian World during Late Antiquity" (Southern Methodist University, S. Langin-Hooper, A. Stockstill)

Mathiesen, Sarah, "Yılanlı Kilise: Meaning and Identity in a Byzantine Rock-Cut Church" (Florida State University, L. Jones)

McGuire, Maureen, "Unacknowledged Influence: The Impact of Anikia Juliana’s Cultural Matronage on Sixth-Century Constantinople" (University of California, Santa Cruz, M. Evangelatou, E. Sullivan)

Mims, Caitlin, "Hystera Amulets: Magic and Female Healing in the Middle Byzantine Period" (Florida State University, L. Jones)

Nuckols-Wilde, Catherine , "Unfolding the Sign: Iconicity and Figuration in Classic Maya Full-Figure Inscriptions" (Tulane University, E. Boone)

Peterson, May, "A Matter of Life and Death: Early Medieval Experiments in Inhumation, Incarnation, and Representation" (University of Chicago, A. Kumler, P. Berlekamp)

Wells, Mallory, "King of Kings: The Visual Cultures of Power and Sanctity in the Visigothic Kingdom and the Early Medieval World," (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa)

Zhou, Zhenru, "Between the Virtual and the Real: A New Architecture of the Mogao Caves (Dunhuang, China) in 781–1036 CE" (University of Chicago, W. Lin)

Ziaii-Bigdeli, Layah, "Materiality, Foodways and the Construction of Elite Cultural Identity in the Late Antique and Early Islamic Iranian World (3rd-10th century CE)" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa)