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500 BCE to 500 CE
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2021

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Barnard, Bailey, "Making an Appearance: Presenting Hellenistic Kings in Portraits and in Person" (Columbia University, I. Mylonopoulos, F. de Angelis)

Ekserdjian, Alexander, "Immortal Bodies: The Sculptural Representation of Mortals and Gods in the Sanctuaries of Central Italy" (Columbia University, F. De Angelis)

Gorant, Charlotte, "Reliefs from the Bhārhut stūpa: Re-evaluating Early Buddhist Narrative Art (ca. 200 BCE–100 CE)" (Columbia University, V. Dehejia, D. Ali)

Hardy, Johnathan, "Multivalent Identities: Art, Architecture, and Ritual between Religious Minorities and the Sasanian Aristocracy 224–650 CE" (University of Minnesota, M. Canepa, S. Casale)

Kosygina, Nastasya, "Palimpsestuous Urbanism: Infrastructure and the Watery Underwriting of Late Antique Rome" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa, R. Betancourt)

Levitan, Rebecca, "The Pasquino Group: Sculpture, Conversation, and Resistance from Ancient Greece to Renaissance Rome" (University of California, Berkeley, A. Stewart, C. Hallett)

Mingoia, Jessica, "In Pergula Natus: Inns and Apartments of Pompeii and Herculaneum" (Rutgers University, J. Kenfield)

Mohr, Emily C., "Assembling Women: Performance and Community in the Tanagra Figurines" (Duke University, S. Dillon)

Ramachandran, Kalyani Madhura, "The Deccan Idiom of Buddhist Art in South Asia (First–Fourth Century CE)" (Columbia University, V. Dehejia)

Rumora, Roko, "Spacing Statues: Interpreting Curatorial Interventions on Roman Aedicular Façades" (University of Chicago, R. Neer)

Zhang, Dongshan, "Making Merit in the Tableau: Early Sixth-Century Chinese Stele" (University of Chicago, W. Hung)

Ziaii-Bigdeli, Layah, "Materiality, Foodways and the Construction of Elite Cultural Identity in the Late Antique and Early Islamic Iranian World (3rd-10th century CE)" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa)