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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2020

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Aldrich, Cristina, "The Sacred Place of the Virgin Mary in Medieval Castilian Sculpture" (IFA/NYU, R. Maxwell)

Cannizzo, Alicia, "Matter En Transir: The Transi Tomb and Theories of Matter in the Late Middle Ages" (CUNY, C. Hahn)

Caron-Roy, Fannie, "Art et dévotion domestique dans les palais et les villas de Rome au XVIe siècle" (Université de Montréal, D. Ribouillault)

Gnepp, Pinar, "Carving and Painting Sacred Space: Working with Wood in the Mosques of Medieval Anatolia" (IFA/NYU, B. Flood)

Lea, Graham Reddie, "Biblical History Paintings by Goltzius and Lastman: Their Participation in Local Rhetorical Culture" (Emory, W. Melion)

Lee, Elizabeth, "Landscape of Buddhas: Rock-Carved Buddhist Images on the Korean Peninsula from the 9th to 12th Centuries CE" (IFA/NYU, H.-M. Shen)

Potuckova, Kristina, "The Arts of Women’s Monastic Liturgy, Holy Roman Empire, 1000–1200" (Yale University, J. Jung)

Rapoport, Abigail, "Covenantal Connections: Visualizing Mosaic Law in the High Middle Ages" (University of Pennsylvania, S. Guérin, L. Silver)

Seligman, Sarah Ana, "Sacrifice: Ideology and Place in French Baroque Art" (Yale University, N. Suthor)

Singh, Saarthak, "Places of Piety, Sites of Sovereignty: Temple and Mosque in Medieval Malwa ca. 1050–1440" (IFA/NYU, B. Flood)

Witty, John Calvin, "The Santa Chiara Polyptych and the Architecture of Devotion in Fourteenth-Century Venice" (C. J. Campbell)