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Bate, Dominic, "Pythagorean Visions: Picturing Harmony in British Art, 1719–1753" (Brown University, E. Lincoln, H. Shaffer)

Beaulieu, Anne-Philippe, "Les dessinateurs de presse montréalais au tournant du XXe siècle au Canada français: Acteurs et témoins de la construction de l'histoire nationale, entre modernité et tradition" (Université de Montréal, E. Contogouris, D. Hardy)

Benson, Rose, "The Printed Narrative: A Resiliency Tool for Project-Based Work Addressing Contemporary Health and Wellness Issues" (University of the Arts, B. Spector)

Brock, Franny, "Drawing the Amateur: Draftsmanship and the Amateur in Eighteenth-Century France" (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M. Hyde)

Brown, Thomas, "What Was in the News: Pictures of Current Events in Seventeenth Century France" (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

Davis, Jessica, "The 'Third Gender': Jeanne Mammen’s Representations of the Garçonne" (University of Iowa, C. Adcock)

de Jong, Emma, "Personification, Zinnespelen, and the Allegorical Print: Modes of Discursive Engagement in Antwerp and Haarlem, 1550–1600" (Emory, W. Melion)

Feinberg, Michael, "Carribean Landscapes and Agencies beyond the Human in British Print Culture Surrounding the Haitian Revolution" (University of Wisconsin–Madison, J. H. Casid)

Feller, Deborah, "Traces of Trauma in the Drawings of Lo Spagnoletto / El Españoleto, Joan Josep Ribera Cucó, José / Giuseppe / Jusepe de Ribera" (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

Frier, Sara, "Unbearable Witness: The Disfigured Body in the Northern European Brief (1500–1620)" (Yale University, N. Suthor)

Hafer, Abbey, "Etching Architecture: The Intersection of Paper and Practice in the Printed Works of Alessandro Specchi (1666–1729)" (Emory, S. McPhee)

Lillie, Julia, "Taking Refuge in Print: Exiled Protestant Engravers from the Southern Netherlands in Cologne and the Circle of Johannes Bussemacher, 1585–1610" (Bard Graduate Center, A. Morrall)

Luis Pinlla, Gonzalo, "Public Aesthetics and Collective Studio Practices in South America 1960s-1980" (UIUC, O. Vázquez)

Martin, Kelsey, "Graveuses en taille-douce: Women Intaglio Engravers in Paris, 1660–1799" (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M. Hyde)

Michael, Kelin Tesia, "Word, Image, and Copy: The Reception of Hrabanus Maurus's In honorem sanctae crucis, 810–1600 CE" (Emory, E. Carson)

Punj, Nandita, "Up in Alms, Portraits in Giving: The Salibhadra Carita in Early Modern Jain Art" (Rutgers, S. Brett-Smith)

Rivera, Katja, “Art Is Only an Excuse: Felipe Ehrenberg 1968–1978” (University of Illinois at Chicago, H. Higgins, Ö. Harmansah)

Schrimsher, Kimberly Erin, "Becoming Guercino: Imitation and Innovation in a Seventeenth-Century Painter's Studio" (C. J. Campbell, S. McPhee)

Spear, Elizabeth, "Reframing Landscape: Spectacular Display and American Landscape Painting, 1840–1892" (University of Iowa, J. Kinsey)

Szantyr, Rebecca, "Paper Work: The Transatlantic Career of Nicolino Calyo, 1825–1850" (Brown University, D. Nickel, H. Shaffer)

Verlaan, Saskia, "Disegno Aperto: Drawing in Italy, 1959–1979" (CUNY, E. Braun)

Weiss, Rachel Daphne, "Picturing Earth's History in Early Modern Views of the Alps" (UCLA, B. WIlson)

Wolff, Rebecca, "Experience and Memory: The Nigerian Civil War (1967–1970) and Nigerian Contemporary Art" (UCLA, S. Nelson)