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Material Culture
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2020

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Blomfield, Nina, "Papered Spaces: Improvised Domestic Interiors in Late Nineteenth-
Century America" (Bryn Mawr, S. Houghteling, A. Walker)

Connelly, Chelsea Alice, "The Visual and Material Power of the Gospel Book in Late Antiquity" (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Desemerie, Pierre-Jean, "Fashioning the Identities of Settler Women in Algeria during the 1930s" (Bard Graduate Center, P. Sirton, M. Majer)

Gordon, Susan, "Qui da noi: Analyzing Prosecco of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene and Asolo" (University of the Arts, M. Krieger)

Griffiths, Christine, "From Garden to Toilette: Cultivating Perfume in Early Modern England" (Bard Graduate Center, D. Krohn)

Higgins, Lily, "Reading into Things: Articulate Objects in Colonial North America, 1650–1783" (Yale University, E. Cooke)

Kok, Cynthia, "The Plastic Shell: Mother-of-Pearl in an Early Modern Dutch World" (Yale University, E. Cooke)

Larsen, Christian, "Aquarela do Brasil: Transnational Flows of Brazilian Design and Material Culture" (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

Matheson, Rebecca, "American Artisans: William and Elizabeth Phelps, and Phelps Associates" (Bard Graduate Center, M. Linn, M. Majer)

Ong, Sophie, "Hanging on the Body: Pendants, Materiality, and Touch in the Late Middle Ages" (Rutgers, L. Weigert)

Raghu, Shweta, "Coastal Vision and the Negotiated Arts of the Coromandel, 1610–1798" (Yale University, E. Cooke)

Richards, Christopher, "Picturing Desire and Desiring Pictures: The Ovidian Manuscript Tradition" (IFA/NYU, R. Maxwell)

Sanchez Gomez, Antonio, "Diógenes A. Reyes's Silhouette Biography: Print Culture and the Politics of Technology, Distance, Mediation, and Things Left Unsaid in the Transregional and Transnational History of the Colombian Caribbean (1898–1920)" (Bard Graduate Center, C. Whalen)

Ziaii-Bigdeli, Layah, "Materiality, Foodways and the Construction of Elite Cultural Identity in the Late Antique and Early Islamic Iranian World (3rd–10th century CE)" (University of California, Irvine, M. Canepa)