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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2020

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Bardeen, David, "Arboreal Formations: The Dynamics of Wood in Italian Intarsia and Painting, 1450–1530" (UCLA, B. Wilson)

De Leon, Christina, "Mapping an American Chair Form: The History and Evolution of the Butaca" (Bard Graduate Center, I. Gaskell)

Denney, Joyce, "The Story of Troy Finds a Home in Macau: A Set of Multicultural Embroidered Hangings of the Seventeenth Century" (Bard Graduate Center, F. Louis)

Fanning, Colin, "Bringing Theory to Form: Katherine and Michael McCoy, the Cranbrook Academy of Art, and the Expanded Discourse of Design, 1971–2005" (Bard Graduate Center, C. Whalen)

Hebdon, Brontë, "Clothing the Empire: Art and Fashion at Napoleon’s Court" (IFA/NYU, T. Crow)

Olson, Christine, "Owen Jones and the Epistemologies of Nineteenth-Century Design" (Yale University, T. Barringer)