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Egyptian/Ancient Near Eastern Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2005

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Anderson, Bjorn, “Constructing Nabataea: Identity, Ideology, and Connectivity” (Michigan, M. Cool Root, T. Gagos)

Evans, Jean, “Redefining the Sculpture of Early Dynastic Mesopotamia” (IFA/NYU, D. P. Hansen)

Gates, Jennifer, “Traveling the Desert Edge: The Ptolemaic Roadways and Regional Economy of Egypt's Eastern Desert in the Fourth through First Centuries BCE” (Michigan, S. Alcock, S. Herbert)

Harmansah, Omur, “Spatial Narratives, Commemorative Practices and the Building Project: New Urban Foundations in Upper Syro-Mesopotamia during the Early Iron Age” (Pennsylvania, H. Pittman)

Scott, Sarah Jarmer, “Figure, Symbol, and Sign: Semiotics and Function of Early Dynastic I Cylinder Seal Imagery from Ur” (Pennsylvania, H. Pittman)

Wilburn, Drew, “Materia Magica: The Archaeology of Magic in Egypt, Cyprus and Spain” (Michigan, S. Alcock, T. Gagos)

Wu, Xin, “Central Asia in the Context of the Achaemenid Persian Empire” (ca. 6th to 4th Centuries BC)” (Pennsylvania, H. Pittman)