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500 BCE to 500 CE
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Arseven, Müge, " Reality and Representation: Depictions of Sacred Architecture in Greek Antiquity" (Columbia University, I. Mylonopoulos)

Chen, Amanda, “Transition and Superstition: The Art and Experience of Roman Doorways” (University of Maryland, College Park, M. Gensheimer)

McCusker, Katherine, “Reimagining Etruscan Cities: Visualizing Vulci’s Urban Landscape” (Duke University, M. Forte)

Nicholson, Carissa, "Image and Reality: the Domestic World on Classical Greek Vases" (University of Florida, M. Eaverly)

Rietveld, Kyra, "Iconography of the Cult of Artemis in the Greek Classical and Imperial Periods" (University of Florida, A. Jones)

Schneck, Nomi, “Storytelling on the Mosaic Floors of Late Antique Sepphoris” (Princeton, C. Barber and B. Kitzinger)

Smagh, Hannah, “The Embeddedness of Religion in the Classical Greek House and its Consequences for Social Practice” (Princeton, N. Arrington)

Woldman, Joseph, “Look at Me: Faces and Gazes in Sixth - Fifth Century Etruria” (Columbia University, F. de Angelis)