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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Barnard, Bailey, "Royal Posturing: Staging the Hellenistic Ruler in Portraits and in Person" (Columbia University, I Mylonopoulos)

Boyd, Rachel, " Invention, Collaboration, and Authorship in the Renaissance Workshop: The Della Robbia Family and Italian Glazed Terracotta Sculpture, ca. 1430–1566" (Columbia University, M. Cole)

Cannizzo, Alicia, “Matter En Transir: The Transi Tomb and Theories of Matter in the Late Middle Ages” (CUNY-Graduate Center, C. Hahn)

DiBenedetto, Erica, “Drawing from Architecture: The Conceptual Methods of Sol LeWitt's Art, 1965–1980” (Princeton, B. Doherty and H. Foster)

Ekserdjian, Alexander, "Immortal Bodies: The Sculptural Representation of Mortals and Gods in the Sanctuaries of Central Italy" (Columbia University, F. de Angelis)

Fiske, Courtney, "Rethinking Post-Minimalism: Gordon Matta-Clark and the Cut c. 1970" (Columbia University, B. Joseph)

Gebauer, Elizabeth, “The Art of Speech: Flemish Baroque Pulpits 1627-1794” (Princeton, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Konova, Joana, “Living with Antiquity: Reuse of Ancient Sculpture in 16th-century Rome” (University of Chicago, R. Zorach)

Levine, Adam Harris, "Divine Gifts: Relics and Reliquaries at the Court of Charles V” (Columbia University, H. Klein)

Nelson-Dusek, Colin, “Émile-Antoine Bourdelle and the Midi: French Sculpture and Regional Identity at the Turn of the Twentieth Century” (University of Delaware, N. Athanassoglou-Kallmyer)

Patton, Ashley M. "Tangible Women: Marble Sculptures of Female Saints and Mystics in Post-Tridentine Rome" (University of Minnesota, S. Ostrow)

Fava-Piz, Clarisse, "Sculpting Beyond Borders: Local Identity and Transnational Mobility in the Age of Rodin" (University of Pittsburgh, K. Savage)

Soley, Teresa, "The Politics of Death: A Social History of Renaissance Portuguese Tomb Sculpture." (Columbia University, M. Cole and D. Freedberg)

Sunderlin, Anna Rogers, “Plaster and Medium and Muse in Nineteenth-Century America” (Virginia Commonwealth University, C. Roach)

van Oppen, Brian, " Radiant Bodies: The Corporal Spectacles of Etruscan Bronze Candelabra (Columbia University, F. de Angelis)

Vickery, Jo, “Ethnographic Re-Telling: The Art of Lothar Baumgarten” (Princeton, H. Foster)