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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Abbe, Daniel, “Vision Under Construction: The Politics of Photography after Provoke” (UCLA, G. Baker)

Bateman, Anita, “Ethiopia in Focus: Photography, Nationalism, Diaspora, and Modernization” (Duke University, R. Powell)

Bralower, Alyssa R. "Ellen Auerbach’s Transnational Attachments: Photography, Gender, and the Grey Zones of Modernity" (UIUC, K. Romberg)

Brewer, Lily “Nuclear Citizenship: Mary Kavanagh and Photography as Civic Resistance” (University of Pittsburgh, J. Ellenbogen)

Cesiro, Lauren, “The Body is a Battleground: Intimate Communities in the Photographs of Robert Mapplethopre, Nan Goldin, and Sally Mann” (Binghamton University, J. Tagg)

Coffineau, Nicole, “Le Immagini dei Visi, Le Immagini della Magione, Photography and the Archive in Italy, 1860-1909” (University of Pittsburgh, J. Ellenbogen)

Cross, Anne, “ ‘Features of Cruelty Which Could Not Be Described By The Pen’: The Media of Atrocity in Harper’s Weekly, 1862-1866” (University of Delaware, J. Hill)

Gauvin, Ryan, “Punching through Documentary” (The University of British Columbia, J. O’Brian)

Graves, Lauren, "The Politics of Place: Photographing New York City During the New Deal" (Boston University, K. Sichel)

Katzin, Jeffrey, "Light and Magic: Alvin Langdon Coburn and the Potential of Abstract Photography" (University of Pennsylvania, M. Leja)

Mapp, Sam,"The Pictorial Area" (The University of Pennsylvania, K. Silverman)

Montelongo, Daniela P, “A Modest and Hidden Complexity: Landscape Photography During and After Apartheid” (The University of British Columbia, C. Soussloff)

Muci Barradas, Isabela, “The Polyphonic Forest: Photographing the Amazon, 1970-1989” (Princeton, A. McCauley and I. Small)

Peacock, Daniel, “'Living Pictures': Pictorialist Photography and the Illustration of Fiction” (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Postlewait, Mariah, “Richard Avedon’s In the American West Revisited” (Binghamton University, J. Tagg)

Ratch, Corey, “(Dis)assembly: The Slaughtered Body in Interwar Art and Photography” (Columbia University, E. Hutchinson)

Robinson, Christine, “Pictures and Photographs: Sarah Charlesworth and Appropriation, 1977–2013” (UCLA, G. Baker)

Ryan, Caitlin, “Documents of Social Life: Photography in Popular Front France” (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Shea, Laura Elizabeth. "Photographs from the Road: Inge Morath, Sophie Calle, Sally Mann and Feminist Road Trip Vision" (UIUC, T. Weissman)

Stricklin, Krystle, “Grave Visions: Photography, Violence, and Death in the American Empire, 1898-1913” (University of Pittsburgh, K. Savage)

Tartsinis, Ann, "Modernism in Pieces: George Platt Lynes and Transatlantic Visual Culture between the Wars" (Stanford University, N. Troy)

Taylor, Phil, "Raoul Ubac's Photographic Surrealism" (Princeton, A. McCauley)

Vickery, Jo, “Ethnographic Re-Telling: The Art of Lothar Baumgarten” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Wade, Isabel Frampton, "Glossy Buildings, Planned Images: Architectural Photography across Contested Spaces in Los Angeles, 1940-1980" (University of Southern California, V. Schwartz)

Wang, Bing, “William Pryor Floyd (1834-ca. 1900): The Art and Business of Photography in Nineteenth-Century Hong Kong” (Case Western Reserve University, A. Rager)

Xu, Tingting, “Beyond Treaty Ports: Chinese Photography 1860-1916 – Practitioners, Contexts, and Trends” (University of Chicago, H. Wu)