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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Castro, Maria, “Between São Paulo and Paris: Tarsila do Amaral and the Intersecting Identities of Antropofagia” (University of Pittsburgh, J. Josten)

Choi, Gina, “Reaching “Peach Blossom Spring”: Poetry and Painting in Fifteenth-Century Japan and Korea” (Princeton, A. Watsky)

Culp, Caroline, "The Memory of Copley: Afterlives of the American Portrait, 1765-1925" (Stanford University, A. Nemerov)

Encarnacion, Samantha Karam, “Ways of Being, Ways of Knowing: Dorothea Tanning’s Posthumanist Representations” (Virginia Commonwealth University, K. Chapman)

Green, Sara, “Lettrism's "aesthetic element" (Princeton, B. Doherty)

Haddon, Madeleine, “Local Color: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Nineteenth-Century Paintings of Spain” (Princeton, B. Alsdorf)

Henry, Joseph, “The Production Line of Feeling: Expressionism, Sachlichkeit, and Die Brücke” (CUNY-Graduate Center, R. Golan)

Kline, Ariel, “Of Monster and Mirrors: Art and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Britain” (Princeton, B. Alsdorf)

Kramer, Sean, "Military Manhood: Visualizing the Common Soldier in French and British Art and Culture, 1871-1914" (University of Michigan, S. Siegfried)

London, Alan, “Endorsing “Reality”: Three Mid-Twentieth Century Responses to a Crisis in Depictive American Painting” (University of Pittsburgh, K. Savage)

Lores-Chavez, Isabella, " Plaster Casts in the Life and Art of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painters" (Columbia University, D. Freedberg)

Mandrikova, Marina, "Crime and Punishment: Images of Sinners and the Power of the Visual in Byzantine and Slavic Monumental Painting" (Temple University, E. Neumeier)

Mapp, Sam,"The Pictorial Area" (The University of Pennsylvania, K. Silverman)

Nicholas, Sasha, “Portraiture and the Making of the Modern American Artist, 1918-1929” (CUNY-Graduate Center, K. Manthorne)

Partman, Lucy, "Science & Imagination: William Rimmer and the Story of Nineteenth-Century American Art” (Princeton, R. DeLue)

Pelletier, Chloé, "Ecologies of Landscape & Labor: Painting & the Environment in the Adriatic Renaissance” (University of Chicago, N. Atkinson & R. Zorach)

Perthes, William, "Robert Motherwell and French Symbolist Poetry" (Temple University, G. Silk)

Rauh, Elizabeth, " An Islamic Cosmos: Contemporary Art Engagements with Islamic Heritage in Iran and the Arab East, 1958-2018" (University of Michigan, C. Gruber)

Rosenberg-Miller, Carmen, “Representing Difference: Painting and Performance in the Art of Raffaëlli and His Circle” (Princeton, B. Alsdorf)

Shahi, Kimia, “Margin, Surface, Depth: Picturing the Contours of the Marine in Nineteenth-Century America” (Princeton, R. DeLue)

Snodgrass Plyler, Jennifer, "Images of Power and Anxiety: The Lactating Breast in Seventeenth-Century Dutch and Flemish Art" (University of Maryland, College Park, A. Wheelock)

Strupp, Brittany, "Between Impressionism and Realism: The Early Career of Robert Henri" (Temple University, E. Pauwels)

Triplett, Stephanie, “The Rise of Narrative Animal Painting in France and Germany, 1790-1880" (University of Michigan, S. Siegfried)

Wells, Lindsay, “Plant-Based Art: Indoor Gardening and the British Aesthetic Movement, 1860-1914” (University of Wisconsin-Madison, N. Marshall)

Willson, Justin,“The Moods of Early Russian Art: A Belated Chapter of Byzantine Aesthetics” (Princeton, C. Barber and B. Kitzinger)

Yohalem, Hannah, “Movement and Arrest: Jasper Johns, 1954-1968” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Zappella, Christine, “Monochrome Painting and the Construction of the Renaissance Self: Andrea del Sarto in the Scalzo” (University of Chicago, C. Cohen)

Zhao, Meng, “Roaming, Listening, Gazing: Human Presence in Song-Yuan Landscape Art, 960-1368” (University of Chicago, H. Wu)

Zhu, Cathy M., "Born in a Golden Light: Images of Omens and Imperial Ambition in the Southern Song Dynasty" (Columbia University, R. Harrist)