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Nineteenth Century
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2019

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Applebaum, Lauren, “"Elusive Matter, Material Bodies: American Art in the Age of Electronic Mediation, 1865-1918," (UIUC, J. Greenhill)

Dunn, Ashley, “Urban Etching: The Printmaking of Modern Paris, 1850-80” (Northwestern University, S. Clayson)

Olmsted, Galina, “Making and Exhibiting Modernism: Gustave Caillebotte in Paris, New York, and Brussels” (University of Delaware, M. Werth)

Gleeson, Elizabeth M., “Between the Public and Private: Women’s Networks and the Politics of Portraiture at Napoleon’s Court” (University of Florida, M. Hyde)

Koss, Max, “The Art of the Periodical: Pan, Print Culture and the Birth Modern Design in Germany, 1890-1900” (University of Chicago, C. Mehring, R. Ubl)

Lett, Amanda, “Making Money: Alfred Jones and the Business of Engraving” (Boston University, P. Hills)

Lett, Telesia Amanda. "Valuable Paper and Counterfeit Presentments: Alfred Jones, the American Art-Union, and Antebellum Bank Note Engraving." (Boston University, P. Hills)

Pushaw, Bart, “The Global Invention of Art: Race and Visual Sovereignity in the Colonial Baltic 1860-1915” (University of Maryland, College Park, S. Mansbach)

Shah, Siddhartha V., "Ornamenting the Raj: Opulence and Spectacle in Victorian India" (Columbia University, V. Dehejia and A. Higonnet)

Turpijn, Saskia, “The Nineteenth-Century British Printmaker” (Virginia Commonwealth University, E. Garberson)

Weintraub, Alex "Authoring Art in Nineteenth-Century France" (Columbia University, J. Crary)