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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Croggon, Nicholas, "Reconstructing the Utopian Moment: Experimental Video Practices in the 1970s" (Columbia University, B. Joseph)

Ewé, Tobias, “Expanding the Limits of Sound (Art): Aesthetics on the Edge of Humanity” (The University of British Columbia, T. Smith)

Muci Barradas, Isabela, “The Polyphonic Forest: Photographing the Amazon, 1970-1989” (Princeton, A. McCauley and I. Small)

Murphy, Benjamin, “Fieldwork: Problems of Observation in Latin American Video” (Princeton, I. Small)

Piñon, Erin, “The Illuminated Yaysmawurk‘i:Ottoman-Armenian Painting and Confessionalism in the Age of Print” (Princeton, C. Barber and B. Kitzinger)

Shahi, Kimia, “Margin, Surface, Depth: Picturing the Contours of the Marine in Nineteeth-Century America” (Princeton, R. DeLue)

Stobaugh, Nathan, “New Media, New Masses: VALIE EXPORT’s Arts of Communication” (Princeton, B. Doherty)

Thomas, David, “Turn On, Tune In, Don’t Drop Out: The Cybernetic Environments of Pulsa” (Binghamton University, K. Hatch)

Whitworth, Christian, "Lettrism's Language Loss and the Disarticulation of the Avant-Garde" (Stanford University, P. Levi)

Yohalem, Hannah, “Movement and Arrest: Jasper Johns, 1954-1968” (Princeton, H. Foster)