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Material Culture
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Bergendorff, Karlee “Diplomatic Gifts and Cold War Strategies: North Korea’s Mansudae Overseas Projects, ” (Duke University, K. Stiles)

Elston, Miranda L., “Spatial Interaction: Architectural Representation in Early Tudor England” (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Tatiana C. String)

Hermán, Suzie, “The Art World of the Hanse: Places, Traces, and Institutions (1550-1650)” (Princeton University, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Kang, Changduk Charles, "Before the Reality Effect: Wax Representations in Eighteenth-Century France" (Columbia University, A. Higonnet)

King, Katherine, “Deliberate Defacement: Provocation and Response in Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts” (Princeton, C. Barber)

Kolonauski, Leanna, "Contextualizing the Procession Fresco at Knossos: An Iconographic and Phenomenological Study" (Temple University, J. Evans)

Kopta, Joseph R., “Chromatic Networks: Materiality of Middle Byzantine Gospel Lectionaries (ca. 850–1204 CE)” (Temple University, E. Bolman)

Leonard, Sarah, “ ‘The beauty of the bough-hung banks’: William Morris in the Thames Landscape” (University of Delaware, S. Isenstadt)

Migwans, Crystal, "Selvage and Salvage: Natural Fiber Weaving in Anishinaabe-aki, 1860-1960" (Columbia University, E. Hutchinson)

Moore, Brantly H., “Rummaging Drawers, Opening Doors: An Inquiry into Sixteenth-Century Collectors’ Cabinets and their Contents” (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, C. Brachmann)

Mounce, Kiersten, “The Revolutionary Life of the Chaise sandows, 1928-1937” (University of Delaware, S. Isenstadt)

Sarasin, Sydney, "The Natural World in Bronze Age Aegean Glyptic and its Sociopolitical Implications" (Temple University, J. Evans)

Schneck, Nomi, “Storytelling on the Mosaic Floors of Late Antique Sepphoris” (Princeton, C. Barber and B. Kitzinger)

Snow, Andrea C., "A Language of Snakes: Art and Cosmology in Early Medieval Scandinavia" (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, D. Haggis)

Su, Wenjie, “"Timepieces in Motion and Temporality in Negotiation: Hybrid Clock Designs and Sino-European Encounters in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries" (Princeton, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Superfine, Molly, "Radical Touch: Performative Sculpture and Assemblage in the 1970s" (Columbia University, K. Jones)

Vause, Rachael, “The Cross and the Body in Early Medieval England” (University of Delaware, L. Nees)