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Fifteenth- to Seventeenth-Century Art
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Fette, Mirka, “Johann Georg Bendl: Premier Sculptor of Prague’s Early Baroque” (Princeton, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Gebauer, Elizabeth, “The Art of Speech: Flemish Baroque Pulpits 1627-1794” (Princeton, T. DaCosta Kaufmann)

Karentzos, Loukas, “Court and Countryside: Central Italian Villas of the mid-Sixteenth Century” (Princeton, J. Pinto)

Wiepke, Hannah, "'For pictures are the most intelligible books': Crafting Knowledge in Early Modern Printed Images and Books, 1500-1700" (University of Minnesota, M. Gaudio)

Zukerman, Laura, “Pages of Memory: Paper Travel in Renaissance Europe, 1480-1600” (Princeton, P. Brown)