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Fifteenth Century
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2019

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DeLuca, Dominique, “Shadows in Fifteenth-Century Secular Manuscripts” (Case Western Reserve University, E. Gertsman)

Doty, Lindsay, "The Ideal Made Real: The Aging of the Virgin in Italian Renaissance Art" (The University of Georgia, S. Zuraw)

Martinez, Trinity, "The Evolution of the Centaur in Italian Renaissance Art: Monster, Healer, Mentor, and Constellation" (CUNY Graduate Center, J. Saslow)

Schockmel, Bryn Critz, "The Historical Procession of Andrea Mantegna's Triumphs of Caesar: From Mantua to Hampton Court" (Boston University, J. Cranston)

Turker, Alev, “From Constantinople to Kostantiniyye: The Transformation of the Byzantine Capital to an Ottoman Metropolis” (University of Georgia, A. E. Kirin)

Vigotti, Lorenzo, "The Origin of the Renaissance Palace: Private Architecture during the Florentine Oligarchy, 1382-1432" (Columbia University, F. Benelli)

Vranic, Ivana, “Making and Remaking Renaissance Sculpture: The Terracotta Groups (1460–1560)” (The University of British Columbia, B. Wilson)

Wehn, James, “Inventing the Market: Authenticity, Replication, and the Prints of Israhel van Meckenem” (Case Western Reserve University, C. Scallen)