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Eleventh to Fourteenth Century
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Brott, LauraLee, "The Holy Land within the Manuscript: Performative Cartography in BL Add. MS 10094” (University of Wisconsin-Madison, T. Dale)

Cannizzo, Alicia, “Matter En Transir: The Transi Tomb and Theories of Matter in the Late Middle Ages” (CUNY-Graduate Center, C. Hahn)

Cataldo, Emogene, "Living Stones: The Art and Ecology of Gothic Vegetal Sculpture, 1140-1300" (Columbia University, S. Murray)

Caya, Aimee, “Brazen Bodies: the Reception and Materiality of English Monumental Brasses, c. 1300-1540” (Case Western Reserve University, E. Gertsman)

Du, Xiaohan, "Yishan Yining (1247-1317) and the Development of Zen Calligraphy in Medieval Japan" (Columbia University, R. Harrist)

Ercan, Ayşe, "Fashioning a Medieval Capital: The Topography and Archaeology of the Mangana Quarter in Constantinople (843-1453 CE)” (Columbia University, H. Klein)

Fidler, Luke, “Henry the Lion and the Art of Politics in Northern Europe, ca. 1142 -1195” (University of Chicago, A. Kumler)

Jenson, Claire, "Power and Politics in the Liturgical Manuscripts of Renaud de Bar," (University of Chicago, A. Kumler)

King, Katherine, “Deliberate Defacement: Provocation and Response in Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts” (Princeton, C. Barber)

Le Pouésard, Emma, “Contested Sites of Feminine Agency: Ivory Grooming Implements in Late Medieval Europe” (Columbia University, H. Klein)

Lombard, Jacqueline, “Envisioning Racial Identity in the Holy Roman Empire, c.1000-1200” (University of Pittsburgh, S. Fozi)

Marzullo, Francesca, "The Figure and the Threshold: Devotional Overdoors in Medieval and Renaissance Italy" (Columbia University, M. Cole)

Morcos, Erene, “Imperial Presence in the Villas of Roman Italy” (Princeton, C. Barber and B. Kitzinger)

Muehlbauer, Mikael, "’Bastions of the Cross:’ Medieval Rock-cut Cruciform Churches of Tigray, Ethiopia" (Columbia University, S. Murray)

Raper, Allison, “Francesco di Vannuccio’s Croce Dipinta and the Iconography of Mary Magdalene in Late-Trecento Siena” (University of Florida, E. Ross)

Schwarz, Martin, "The Scholastic City: Philosophy in the Streets of Medieval Paris (c. 1150-c. 1320)" (University of Chicago, A. Kumler)

Shartrand, Emily, “Sexual Warfare in the Margins of Two Late-Thirteenth-Century Franco Flemish Arthurian Romance Manuscripts” (University of Delaware, L. Nees)

Smith, Danny, "Dreaming in Public in Late Medieval Rome" (Stanford University, B. Pentcheva)

Summers, Mark H., "Seeing Matter: Medieval Materiality in Monstrance Reliquaries" (University of Wisconsin-Madison, T. Dale)

Thomson, Hannah M., “An Art Historical Study of Urban Development in Ávila during the Twelfth-Century Reconquista” (UCLA, M. Cohen)

Wang, Alexis, "Intermedial Effects, Sanctified Surfaces: Framing Devotional Objects in Italian Medieval Mural Decoration" (Columbia University, H. Klein)