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Art of the Ancient Americas
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Deglin, Louise, “Making Things Their Own: Artistic Practices and Processes in the Wari Empire” (UCLA, S. Nair)

Driggers, Kristopher, "The History of Idolatry and the Codex Durán Paintings" (University of Chicago, C. Brittenham) [in the name Durán, there is an accent above the 'a']

Meyer, Anthony Joshua, “"The Givers of Things": Tlamacazque Art and Architecture in the Mexica (A.D. 1325 - 1521) and Early Transatlantic Worlds” (UCLA, S. Nair)

Vázquez de Arthur, Andrea, "Portraits, Pots, or Power Objects? On the Imagery and Ontology of Wari Faceneck Vessels" (Columbia University, E. Pasztory) [in the name Vázquez, the “a” has an accent acute]