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Architectural History/Urbanism/Historic Preservation
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Abdon Guimaraes, Danielle, "Poverty, Disease, and Port Cities: Global Exchanges in Hospital Architecture during the Age of Exploration" (Temple University, T. Cooper)

Brown, Marlise, "The Markgräfin's Two Bodies: The Architecture and Performance of Wilhelmine's Bayreuth" (Temple University, T. Cooper) [in the name Markgräfin, the second “a” has an umlaut]

Champlin, Sara, “Privatization and Sub-Division of Public Baths in Western Asia Minor, 400-700 A.D.” (University of Wisconsin, Madison, N. Cahill)

Chilson-Parks, Laura, "Et le commanda de bouche madame la duchesse:" The Interventions of Margaret of Flanders in the Patronage of Her Burgundian Residences”, (Brown University, S. Bonde)

Christiaens, Karin E., "Passageways to Public Space: Monumentalizing the Greek Polis in the Hellenistic and Imperial Periods" (Columbia University, F. de Angelis)

Custer, Lee Ann, “Urban Voids: Picturing Light, Air, and Negative Space in New York, 1890–1930” (University of Pennsylvania, M. Leja; D. Brownlee)

Dieter, Mark "A Sacred Nature: Frank Lloyd Wright's Exploration of Hierotopy in Residential, Commercial, and Civic Architecture" (University of Wisconsin-Madison, T. Dale)

Elston, Miranda L., “Spatial Interaction: Architectural Representation in Early Tudor England” (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Tatiana C. String)

Engler, Rachel Julia, "Televangelical Space, 1955–1985" (Columbia University, B. Bergdoll)

Fitzmaurice, Melissa, “Modeling the Modern Myth of Rome” (Binghamton University, J. Walker)

Fletcher, Jessica, “Accumulative Modernity: Architecture, Gender, and the Welfare State in New York City and London, 1920-1950” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Gutman)

Gibson, Stephanie, “Constructing Reconciliation and Healing: A study of monuments of trauma and loss of the Black Atlantic.” (University of Pennsylvania, D. Brownlee)

Gordon, Addie “Constructing the Culture Pilgrim: Architecture and Revitalization in Santiago de Compostela” (Binghamton University, P. Smart)

Guidelli-Guidi, Mathilde, “Archipelagos of Knowledge: Le Corbusier’s Unrealized Museum Projects, 1919-1965” (CUNY-Graduate Center, R. Golan)

Kinias, Erica “Building an Order: Architecture, Space, and Gender in Isabelle of France’s Rule of Sorores minores” (Brown University, S. Bonde)

Larson, Jessica, “Building Black Manhattan: Architecture and the Politics of Respectability, 1857-1914” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Gutman)

Lee, Craig, “Skyline Spectacular: Architecture, Aesthetics and Outdoor Advertising in the American City” (University of Delaware, S. Isenstadt)

Levins, Peter, "Fascism's Adriatic Empire: City Politics and Architectural Production in Interwar Croatia" (Brown University, D. Neumann)

Lockard, Jesse, “From the Ground Up: Yona Friedman and the Postwar Reimagining of Architecture.” (University of Chicago, K. Taylor)

Miller, Hasbrouck, “State Architecture of the Argentine Interior under Juan Domingo Perón, 1946-1955” (Columbia University, B. Bergdoll) [in the name Perón, the “o” has an acute accent]

Niedbala, Steven, " Techniques of Carceral Reproduction: Architecture and the Prison System in the United States, 1799-1978" (Columbia University, B. Bergdoll)

Nordyke, Marisa Gomez, “Fabricating the American Dream: Stressed-Skin Technology and the American Home, 1930-1965” (University of Wisconsin-Madison, A. Andrzejewski)

Seltzer, Kylynn, "Housing Identities: Displaying Race and Environment in Paris, 1870-1892" (University of Pittsburgh, C. Armstrong)

Skinner, Bill, “Mass Housing and Town Planning in Welfare State Barbados, 1937-1966.” (Brown University, I. Osayimwese)

Soltani, Zohreh, “Tehran: a symptomatic rendering of public architecture” (Binghamton University, T. McDonough and N. Um)

Upart, Anatole, "Slavic Rome: Constructing Foreign Communities in an Early Modern Italian City, 1450-1750" (University of Chicago, N. Atkinson)

Valle, Luisa, “One Modern Centro: Race, Space, and Architecture in Rio de Janeiro, 1885 to 1945” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Gutman)

Yang, Zhiyan, "Reinventing Contemporary Chinese Architectural Culture in the Age of Globalization, 1979-2006" (University of Chicago, H. Wu)

Zhou, Zhenru, “Between the Virtual and the Real: A New Architecture of the Mogao Caves (Dunhuang, China) in 781-1036 CE” (University of Chicago, W. Lin)