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Ancient Egyptian/Near Eastern Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Amrhein, Anastasia, "Multi-Media Image-Making in Assyria and Babylonia (9th – 6th centuries BCE): Visualizations of the Numinous in Political Context" (University of Pennsylvania, H. Pittman)

Schneller, David, "Strangers in the Shrine: Itinerant Objects in Greek Sanctuaries of the Geometric and Archaic Periods" (Columbia University, I. Mylonoloupos)

Stavis, Jacob, "The Formation of Achaemenid Art: Beyond Iconography and Attribution" (Columbia University, Z. Bahrani)

Tamur, Erhan, “Site-worlds: An Account of Material Lives from Tello (ancient Girsu)” (Columbia University, Z. Bahrani)