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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2019

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Barouti, Tina. “A Critical Chronology: The National Institute of Fine Arts in Tétouan from 1912 to the Age of Mohammed VI,” (Boston University, C. Becker)

Bell-Brown, Jessica, “Bad Attachments: The Unmoored Painterly Object in the Post Civil Rights Decade” (Princeton, C. Okeke-Agulu)

Cooney, Lynne, “The Transparent Glass Cabinet: Exhibiting African Art at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg” (Boston University, C. Becker)

Forbes, Carlee S., "Art, Innovation, and Collecting in Colonia-Era Congo." (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, V. Rovine)

Heckscher, Marguerite, “Dancing People: Figurative Imagery, Movement, and Object / Body Interplays in Shambaa Mphungwa in Northeastern Tanzania” (University of Wisconsin-Madison, H. Drewal)

Lathrop, Perrin, “A Sublime Art: Akinola Lasekan and Colonial Modernism in Nigeria” (Princeton, C. Okeke-Agulu)

Liljegren, Dana, “L’art de la poubelle: Récupération and Politics of Trash in Senegalese Art, 1970-2010” (CUNY-Graduate Center, C. Bishop)

Montelongo, Daniela P, “A Modest and Hidden Complexity”: Landscape Photography During and After Apartheid” (The University of British Columbia, C. Soussloff)

Oldjira, Meseret, “Commemoration and Community: Illuminated Gospel Manuscripts in Monastic Ethiopia, 1280-1350” (Princeton, C. Barber and B. Kitzinger)

Villarroel, Fernanda, "Figurations of the Feminine in Contemporary Art from Lagos, Nigeria" (University of Wisconsin-Madison, J. Casid)

Wolff, Rebecca, “Experience and Memory: The Nigerian Civil War (1967–1970) and Its Effect on Nigerian Contemporary Art” (UCLA, S. Nelson)

Yingling, Erik, "The Metamorphic Image: Bodily Change and Identity in the Ancient and Medieval Artistic Imagination" (Stanford University, F. Barry)

Zhang, Michael, “The Business of Art: Art, Capital, and Identity in Late-Apartheid South Africa” (Princeton, C. Okeke-Agulu and A. Arabindan-Kesson)