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Southern Europe and Mediterranean
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2018

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Adams, Eston. “The History and Significance of the Navicella Mosaic at St. Peter's, Rome” (University of Louisville, C. Fulton)

Doğan, Cağatay, “Landscapes of the Nation in Transition: Istanbul in the Photographs of Othmar Pferschy, 1934-1960” (Binghamton University, T. McDonough)

Gear, Jennifer, “Visualizing the 1630-31 Plague Epidemic in Early Modern Venice and the Veneto” (University of Michigan, M. Holmes)

Harpster, Grace, “Carlo Borromeo's Itineraries: The Sacred Image in Post-Tridentine Italy” (UC Berkeley, T. Olson)

Olien, Catherine, “Between Classicism and Orientalism: The Reception of Ancient Cypriot Sculpture, 1860-1900” (Northwestern University, A. Gunter)

Petersen, Elizabeth, “Architecture and Audience in Donatello’s Florentine Reliefs” (Penn State, R. Thomas)

Raino Isto, “Monumental Endeavors: Sculpting History in Southeastern Europe, 1960–2016” (University of Maryland – College Park, S. Mansbach)

Sturm, Jaqueline, “The Bishop, His House, and His Church-Early Medieval Episcopal Complexes In Italia Annonaria (300-600 CE)” (Princeton, C. Barber; John Hopkins, N. Zchomelidse)