Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

South Asia/South East Asia
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2018

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Agarwala, Seher, “Wondrous Frontiers: Topographical and Historical Painting in Persian and Mughal Manuscripts” (Columbia University, V. Dehejia)

Bellucci, Matteo, “Pietro Dura/Parchin Kari: Mediations between Florence and Mughal India” (Graduate Center, CUNY, M. Aitken)

Berninghausen, Gale, “Kangra's Folios in Fresco Secco: Eighteenth to Nineteenth Century Wall Paintings in Royal Temples and Palaces of the Kangra Valley” (Columbia University, V. Dehejia)

Chatterjee, Sria, “Making Nature Matter: Case Studies in the Politics of Art and Ecology in Modern India” (Princeton, E. daCosta Meyer)

Greenwalt, Karen, “Beyond the Nation: Rasheed Araeen, Bani Abidi, Hamra Abbas and an Aesthetics of Resistance” (University of Illinois at Chicago, C. Becker)

Johal, Rattanamol Singh, “Dissolving Margins: Indian art in the Globalized 1990s” (Columbia University, A. Alberro)

Kuruvilla, Tara, “Disjecta Membra: The Fragmentation of the India Museum and the Colonial Construction of Knowledge over the Long Nineteenth Century” (Columbia University, V. Dehejia)

Lauesen, Conor, “Photographs in Flame: 1963 Vietnam, Immolation and Trauma” (Stanford University, A. Nemerov)

Little, Lalaine, “Portable Devotion: Philippine Christian Visual Culture 1521-1815” (Binghamton University, N. Um)

Manohar, Mohit, “The City of Gods and Fortune: an Architectural and Urban History of Daulatabad in the Fourteenth Century” (Yale University, S. Kaligotla)

Menon, Arathi, “Hipped and Gabled: Similitude and Vicissitude in Kerala's Sacred Art and Architecture” (Columbia University, V. Dehejia)

Murali, Deepthi, “The Politics, Intersensoriality, and Performativity of Transcultural Decorative Arts of Kerala, India” (University of Illinois at Chicago, C. Becker)

Praepipatmongkol, Chanon Kenji, “Postwar Abstraction and Practices of Mediation: Fernando Zóbel and Tang Chang” (University of Michigan, J. Kee)

Punj, Nandita, “Up in Alms, Portraits in Giving: The Salibhadra Carita in Early Modern Jain Art” (Rutgers University, S. Brett-Smith)

Quraishi, Fatima, “Necropolis as Palimpsest: The Cemetery of Makli in Sindh, Pakistan” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, F. B. Flood)

Sengupta, Rajarshi, “Of Practitioners, Practices, and History: the interface of artisanal knowledge and art historical reconstructions” (The University of British Columbia, K. Hacker)

Shah, Siddhartha V., “Ornamenting the Raj: Opulence and Spectacle in Victorian India” (Columbia University, V. Dehejia, A. Higonnet)

Singh, Saarthak, “Places of Piety, Sites of Sovereignty: Temple and Mosque in Medieval Malwa ca. 1050-1440” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, F. B. Flood)

Tran, Thuy N. D., “Saigon Modernisms: Art of a New Nation, 1954-1975” (University of California, Santa Barbara, L. Monahan)

van Donkersgoed, Joëlla, “Curating a Cultural Landscape: Tangible and Intangible Heritage Management in the Banda Islands, Indonesia” (Rutgers University, A. St.Clair-Harvey)

Wan, Sim Hinman, “Third-Space Colonial Architecture: Dutch and Chinese Philanthropic Establishments in the Urbanization of VOC Indonesia, 1640-1740” (University of Illinois at Chicago, M. Pollak)

Zhao, Jinchao, “The Dissemination and Reception of the Forms, Meanings, and Functions of the Indian Stūpa in China from the Fourth to the Sixth Century” (University of Virginia, D. Wong)