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Chinese Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2005

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Chang, Qing, “Feilaifeng and the Flowering of Chinese Buddhist Art from the Tenth to Fourteenth Centuries” (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Chiu, Li-Li, “The Depictions of Lohans' Journey across the Water: The Complex Water-Crossing Symbolism and the Popular Culture in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644)” (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Dal Lago, Francesca, “Between High and Low: Modernism, Continuity, and Moral Mission in Chinese Printmaking Practices, 1930–1945” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Foong, Ping, “Monumental and Intimate Landscape by Guo Xi” (Princeton, W. Fong, J. Silbergeld)

Furniss, Ingrid, “Strings, Winds, and Drums in China during Eastern Zhou and Han (770 BCE–220 AD): An Archaeological Perspective” (Princeton, R. Bagley)

Huang, Bingyi, “From Chu to Western Han: Re-reading Mawangdui” (Yale, D. Sensabaugh)

Kim, Sunkyung, “Decline of the Law, Death of the Monk: Buddhist Text and Images in the Anyang Caves of Late Sixth Century China” (Duke, S. Abe)

Kyan, Winston, “The Body and the Family: Filial Piety and Buddhist Art in Late Medieval China (ca. 8th to 10th c. CE)” (Chicago, H. Wu, L. Seidel, D. Harper)

Lai, Yu-Chih, “Surreptitious Appropriation: Ren Bonian (1840–1895) and Japanese Culture in Shanghai, 1842–1895” (Yale, R. Barnhart)

Lee, Marion, “Women, Men and Morality: Paintings and Prints by Fei Xiaolou (1801/2–50)” (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

Liang, Samuel Y., “Ephemeral Households, Splintered City: Mapping Leisure in the Sojourners' Shanghai, 1870–1900” (SUNY Binghamton, T. McDonough)

Nemroff, Lauren, “The Figure Paintings of Tang Yin (1470–1524)” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Owen, Elizabeth M., “Love Lost: Qian Xuan (ca. 1235–ca. 1307) and Images of Emperor Ming Huang and Yang Guifei” (Yale, R. Barnhart)

Podulke, Georgiana, “The Ink-Bamboos of Wen Yü-k'o: The Creative Moment and the Chinese Cultural Tradition” (Minnesota, R. Poor)

Wang, Chung-Lan, “Gong Xian (1619–1689): A Seventeenth-Century Nanjing Intellectual and His Aesthetic World” (Yale, R. Barnhart)

Yang, Shin-Yi, “Socialism, Globalism, and Playful Sabotage: Their Representation and Purposes in the Works of Four Contemporary Chinese Artists: Xu Bing, Zhang Peili, Yang Zhenzhong, and Xu Zhen” (Cornell, J. Bernstock)

Zhang, Rui, “Feng Xiaogang and Chinese Cinema after 1989” (Ohio State, R. Green)

Zhou, Yan, “The Centrality of Culture in Art: The Contemporary Challenge to Chinese Artists, Particularly Wenda Gu” (Ohio State, S. Melville)