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Islamic Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2018

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Akhtar, Munazzah, “Interrogating the Dead: Reassessing the Cultural Identities of Samma Dynasty (c. 1351-1521) at the Necropolis of Makli, Thatta” (University of Victoria, M. Milwright)

Brown-Hedjazi, Alexandria, “The Arts of Diplomacy: Artistic Exchange between Early Modern Italy and Safavid Iran” (Stanford University, F. Barry)

Cho, Hyunjin, “Illustrated Manuscript of Firdausi’s Shahnama in Ninetheeth-Century Iran” (Boston University, E. Fetvaci)

Clemens, Olivia, “Forming 'Islamic Art' in the United States: Collecting and Exhibiting in the American Context, c. 1880-1940” (Columbia University, A. Shalem)

Dimmig, Ashley “Making Modernity in Fabric Architecture: Imperial Tents in the Late Ottoman Period” (University of Michigan, C. Gruber)

Fein, Ariel, “The Most Wondrous of Man-Made Works”: George of Antoch's Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio and the Arab-Christian Community of Norman Sicily” (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Gillman, Matthew, “Medieval Glass and the Aesthetics of Simulation” (Columbia University, A. Shalem)

Gnepp, A Pinar, “Carving and Painting Sacred Space: Working with Wood in the Mosques of Medieval Anatolia” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, F. B. Flood)

Guermazi, Iheb, “Sufi Reading of Art: From Ivan Agueli to Seyyed Hossein Nasr” (MIT, N. Rabbat)

Harrington, Lydia, “Children, Education, and Labor in Ottoman Arab Schools” (Boston University, E. Fetvaci)

Hatef Naiemi, Atri, “A Dialogue Between Friends and Foes: Transcultural Interactions in the Ilkhanid Capital Cities (1256-1335 AD)” (University of Victoria, M. Milwright)

Kazani, Zahra, “Magical Incantation or Scientific Ingenuity? Recovering meanings of Arabic script patterns in Medieval Islam” (University of Victoria, M. Milwright)

Kindred, Clayton, “An Archaeology of Castration: The Image of the Eunuch in Nineteenth-Century Art” (Ohio State University, A. Shelton)

MacMurdie, Meekyung, “Geometric medicine: aniconism and Arab painting” (University of Chicago, P. Berlekamp)

Manohar, Mohit, “The City of Gods and Fortune: an Architectural and Urban History of Daulatabad in the Fourteenth Century” (Yale University, S. Kaligotla)

Quraishi, Fatima, “Necropolis as Palimpsest: The Cemetery of Makli in Sindh, Pakistan” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, F. B. Flood)

Singh, Saarthak, “Places of Piety, Sites of Sovereignty: Temple and Mosque in Medieval Malwa ca. 1050-1440” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, F. B. Flood)

Terndrup, Alison. “Portraits of Sultan Mahmud II (r. 1808-1839) in the Ottoman Imperial Propaganda Campaign of the 1830s” (Boston University, E. Fetvaci)

Unluonen, Selin, “A Book with Eyes of Its Own Heart:” Court Culture in Shah Tahmasp’s Khamsa” (Yale University, K. Rizvi)

Yeganehfarzand, Seyedhamed, “From Escape to State: Castles and the Formation of Nizari Isma’ili State in Quhistan, Iran” (University of Victoria, M. Milwright)