Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2018

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Algee, Hannah, “The Comparative Model: Recanonizing the Abject “Body” in/of Contemporary Feminist Art” (Temple University, G. Silk)

Brown, Marlise, “The Markgräfin's Two Bodies: The Architecture and Performance of Wilhelmine's Bayreuth” (Temple University, T. Cooper)

Bailey, Jess, “Precarious Lines: Drawing Violence, Desire, and Bodily Difference in Europe's First Age of Gunpowder, 1300-1500” (UC Berkeley; Beate Fricke)

Bartunkova, Barbora, “Between East and West: Toyen and Adolf Hoffmeister” (Yale University, C. Armstrong)

Borowitz, Maggie, “Caught by Surprise: Intimacy and Feminist Politics in the work of Magali Lara” (University of Chicago, M. Sullivan)

Braun, Laurel Anne, “Neither Here Nor There: Gender and Power within the Liminal Spaces of Double Monasteries” (Binghamton University, A. Walkling)

Cho, Hyeok, “Can the Subaltern Artist Speak?: Postmodernity, Femininity, and Racial Identity in Lee Bul’s Art” (Binghamton University, J. Tagg)

Di Cicco, Rachel, “The Cosmopolitan Imagination of Erika Giovanna Klien” (University of Pittsburgh, B. McCloskey)

Farmer, Sophia Maxine, “Of Flesh and Metal: The Artificial Yet Living Being in Italian Futurist Art and Literature” (University of Wisconsin-Madison, B. Buenger and A. Andrzejewski)

Gómez Todó, Sandra, “Unmasking Femininity: The Visual and Material Culture of the Female Masquerader in Early Modern England” (University of Iowa, D. Johnson)

Hanson, Kristan, “In Bloom: Women and Horticulture in French Visual Culture, 1860s-1880s” (University of Kansas, J. Pultz)

Jansen, Judy, “Gridding the Womb: Gender and the Early Modern Intervention in Late Medieval Pictorial Space” (The University of British Columbia, J. Monteyne)

Kim, Patricia Eunji, “Engendering Power: Dynastic Women and Visual Culture in the Hellenistic World (4th-1st c BCE)” (University of Pennsylvania, C.B. Rose and A. Kuttner)

Kindred, Clayton, “An Archaeology of Castration: The Image of the Eunuch in Nineteenth-Century Art” (Ohio State University, A. Shelton)

Marks, Maxine, “Touching Nether-Regionalisms: Paul Cadmus as Exemplary Foil to a Homegrown American Art” (University of New Mexico, K. P. Buick)

McBryde, Brynne, “Public Bodies: The Nude and Public Health in Nineteenth-Century France” (Penn State, N. Locke)

Olsen, Trenton, “Post-Imperial Masculinities” (The Ohio State University, A. Shelton)

Shartrand, Emily, “Sexual Warfare in the Margins of Two Late-Thirteenth-Century Franco Flemish Arthurian Romance Manuscripts” (University of Delaware, L. Nees)

Shea, Laura Elizabeth. “Photographs from the Road: Inge Morath, Sophie Calle, Sally Mann and Feminist Road Trip Vision” (UIUC, T. Weissman)

Slodounik, Aaron, “The Painter and his Poets: Paul Gauguin and Interartistic Exchange” (Graduate Center, CUNY, J. Sund)

Sneed, Gillian, “Gendered Subjectivity and Resistance: Brazilian Women's Performance-for-Camera, 1974-1982” (Graduate Center, CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Stobaugh, Nathan, “New Media, New Masses: VALIE EXPORT’s Arts of Communication” (Princeton, B. Doherty)

Stoltzfus, Eleanor, “New Womanhood and the Bauhaus: The Avant-Garde Photography of Lucia Moholy” (University of Maryland, S. Mansbach)

Wagner, Nicole, “Women Working the Table: The Material Culture, Gendered Spaces, and Visual Representations of Female Card-Players in Early Modern Italy” (Binghamton University, K. Barzman)

Werier, Leah, “’The Shop Window Quality of Things:’ The Shop Window and the Staging of Gender, Vision and Desire” (Columbia University, A. Alberro)

White, Rachel, “Graphic Sensations: Vogue and the Politics of the Body, 1930-1945” (UIUC, T. Weissman)

Zadeh, Eli S., “The Representation of Masculinity in the American Art of the Long 1980s” (State University of New York, Stony Brook, K. Siegel)