Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Fifteenth- to Seventeenth-Century Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2018

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Benjamin, Aliza M., “Gold, Stonework and Feathers: Mexica Material Culture and the Making of Hapsburg Europe” (Temple University, A. West; T. Cooper)

Dwyer, Elizabeth Ann, “Portraits and Visions in Renaissance Veneto: Titian, Moroni, Veronese” (University of Virginia, F. Fiorani)

Fraiman, Jeffrey, “Site Specificity, Christian Archaeology, and Naturalism in Roman Altarpieces, ca. 1600-1630” (Rutgers University, C. Puglisi)

Kaplan, Stephanie, “Artificial Appearances: Portraiture and Persona in Mid-Sixteenth Century Florence” (Washington University in St. Louis, W. Wallace)

Kirchhoff, Chassica, “The Thun-Hohenstein Album: Constructing the Armored Body in the Holy Roman Empire” (University of Kansas, A. Hedeman/ S. Goddard)

Landry, Khristin, “The Sacred Landscape of Mayapan, A Postclassic Maya Center” (University of Illinois at Chicago, V. Miller)

Petersen, Elizabeth, “Architecture and Audience in Donatello’s Florentine Reliefs” (Penn State, R. Thomas)

Platts, Christopher “Paolo Veneziano and the Patronage and Reception of Venetian Gothic Painting” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Sandoval, Elizabeth, “A Material Sign of Self: The Book as Metaphor and Representation in Fifteenth-Century Northern European Art” (Ohio State University, K. Whittington)

Tillery, Laura, “The Hanse as Artistic Network in Late Medieval Lübeck” (University of Pennsylvania, L. Silver)

Whitford, Kelly, “Angelic Devotion: Embodying Belief with Bernini’s Angels on the Ponte Sant’Angelo” (Brown University, E. Lincoln)