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Conceptual Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2018

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Behar, Ionit, “Intimate Space and the Public Sphere: Margarita Paksa in Argentina’s Military Dictatorship” (University of Illinois at Chicago, H. Higgins)

de Laforcade, Sonia, “Áudio-Visual: the Slide as Medium in Brazilian Art of the 1970s”
(Princeton, Irene Small)

Detchon, Julia, “Working Around: Lea Lublin, Marie Orensanz, Mirtha Dermisache, and Margarita Paksa, 1968–1983” (University of Texas, G. Flaherty)

DiBenedetto, Erica, “Drawing from Architecture: The Conceptual Methods of Sol LeWitt's Art, 1965–1980” (Princeton, B. Doherty and H. Foster)

Iglesias Lukin, Aimé “This Must Be the Place: Latin American Artists in New York, 1965-1975” (Rutgers University, T. Flores)

Jackson, Katherine, “Total Economy: The Artist Placement Group in 1970s Britain” (The University of British Columbia, J. Mansoor)

Kirsch, Corinna, “Life, Systems, and Environment in the Work of Les Levine, 1966–1970” (Stony Brook University, Z. Patterson)

Olivas, Yvonne, “Lee Lozano, General Strike Piece and the Praxis of Total Revolution” (SUNY Stony Brook, Z. Patterson)

Orzulak, Jessica, “Gaming the Systems of Coloniality: Reverse Anthropology in the Artistic Practices of La Pocha Nostra and Postcommodity” (Duke University, K. Stiles)

Schwaller, William, “A Transnational Arte de Sistemas: The Centro de Arte y Comunicación in Argentina and Abroad, 1968-1983” (Temple University, M. Alvarez)

Vickery, Jo, “Ethnographic Re-Telling: The Art of Lothar Baumgarten” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Waldow, Jennie. “Disappearing Acts: Allen Ruppersberg's Ephemeral Impulse” (Stanford University, R. Meyer and P. Lee)

Wallace, Ian, “Compromised Values: Charlotte Posenenske, 1960-present” (Graduate Center, CUNY, D. Joselit)

Zaikina-Kondur, Olga, “Spatializing Consciousness: Participatory Art, Objects, and Poetry of Andrey Monastyrsky in the 1970s–80s” (Penn State, S. Rich)