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Colonial and Modern Latin America
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2018

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Floyd, Emily, “Matrices of Devotion: Lima’s Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Devotional Prints and Local Religion in the Viceroyalty of Peru” (Tulane University, E. Boone)

Hobart, Aubrey, “Treasures and Splendors: Exhibiting Colonial Latin American Art in U.S. Museums, 1920-2020” (University of California Santa Cruz, C. Dean)

Oleas-Mogollón, Isabel, “Art and Jesuit Patronage in Colonial Quito: The Prophet Paintings at the Church of La Compañía” (University of Delaware, M. Domínguez Torres)

Saracino, Jennifer, “Shifting Landscape: Depictions of Cultural Disruption and Continuity in the Mapa Uppsala of Mexico-Tenochtitlan” (Tulane University, E. Boone)

Solano Roa, Juanita, “Theater of the Self. Photography, Race, and Progress: Fotografia Rodriguez and Benjamin de la Calle, Medellin (Colombia), 1891-1938” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Stair, Jessica, “Indigenous Literacies in the Techialoyan Manuscripts of New Spain” (University of California, Berkeley, T. Olson and L. Trever)