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African Art (sub-Saharan)
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2005

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Onyile, Onyile Bassey, “Ekpu Oro: Spirits of the Living Dead as an Expression of Oron World View, 1894–1940” (SUNY Binghamton, N. Nzegwu)

Palumbo, Meredith, “Alienation, Consciousness, and Reclaiming: The Trajectory of the Visual Arts in Namibia Nation Building” (Indiana, Bloomington, J. Kennedy)

Salami, Gitti, “Ordinarily Extraordinary: Yakurr Priest-Chiefs' Ritual Performances and the Leboku Festival” (Iowa, C. Roy)

Stephenson, Jessica T., “History, Memory, Identity: Contemporary Art by Khoisan Artists in Southern Africa” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Van Dyke, Kristina, “The Oral-Visual Nexus: Rethiking Visuality in Mali” (Harvard, S. P. Blier)