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1500 BCE to 500 BCE
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2018

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Amrhein, Anastasia, “Multi-Media Image-Making in Assyria and Babylonia (9th – 6th centuries BCE): Visualizations of the Numinous in Political Context” (University of Pennsylvania, H. Pittman)

Langendorfer, Breton, “Assyrian Entropy: City Sieges and Cosmic Dissolution in the Palace Relief Programs” (University of Pennsylvania, H. Pittman)

Said, Miriam, “Materializing Apotropaia: The Sensing Body in Neo-Assyrian Magical Arts, 9th - 7th c. BCE” (University of California, Berkeley; M. Feldman and A. Stewart)

Shifferd, Sania, “Extraordinary Objects: Figured Metal Bowls from The Near East and the Mediterranean” (The University of Texas at Austin, A. Papalexandrou)