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African American/African Diaspora
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2018

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Bateman, Anita, “Ethiopia in Focus: Photography, Nationalism, Diaspora, and Modernization” (Duke University, R. Powell)

Choi, Connie H., “A Matter of Building Bridges: Photography and African American Education, 1957–1972” (Columbia University, K. Jones)

Cowan, Sarah, “Mending Abstraction: Howardena Pindell's Black Feminisms” (University of California, Berkeley; J. Bryan-Wilson)

Lapin Dardashti, Abigail, “The Production of Modern Afro-Brazilian Art: African Decolonization, U.S. Black Power, and Transnational Religious Networks, 1966-88” (Graduate Center, CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Lynch, Ashleigh, “Fantasy Exchanges: Global Circulation of Modern Masculine Tropes in Congolese Art, 1974-2014” (University of California, Santa Barbara, S. Ogbechie)

Schriber, Abbe, “For a Politics of Obscurity: David Hammons and Black Experimentalism, 1974-1989” (Columbia University, K. Jones)

Swindell, Alisa ”Desire in the Time of AIDS: Art Photography and Images of Desire at the Height of the AIDS Crisis 1985-1995” (University of Illinois at Chicago, L. Yun Lee)

Townsend, Phillip A., “Visualizing Displacement in the Black Atlantic: María Magdalena Campos-Pons” (The University of Texas at Austin, C. Smith)