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Eleventh- to Fourteenth-Century CE/Medieval Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2015

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Boomer, Megan, “Landscapes of Salvation: Architecture and Memory in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem” (Pennsylvania, R. Ousterhout)

Bovenmyer, Peter, “Alternative Anatomies: Medieval Bodies Opened and Imagined” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Brennan, Christine, “The Brummer Gallery and Its Impact on the Market for Medieval Art and Collectors in Twentieth-Century Paris and New York” (Bard Graduate Center, D. Krohn)

Bryda, Gregory C., “Tree, Vine, and Herb: Vegetal Themes and Media in Late Gothic Germany” (Yale, J. Jung)

Carter, Deirdre, “Art, History, and the Creation of Monastic Identity at Late Medieval St. Albans Abbey” (Florida State, L. Jones; R. Emmerson)

Chapman, Stephanie, “‘Blessyngs with Blacke Beads’: An Investigation of Jet Objects in Medieval Britain” (Missouri, Columbia, A. Stanton)

Cook, Lindsay, “Paris Match?: Architectural Citation in the Parish Churches of the Chapter of Notre-Dame of Paris” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Cornett, Maren, “Or dient les images (Now the Images Speak): Visual Narrative in BN fr. 95” (Yale, R. Nelson; R. H. Bloch)

Danford, Rachel, “Manipulating Matter: Figural Stucco Sculpture in the Early Middle Ages” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Dechant, D. Lyle, “‘Daz wir ein ander vinden fro’: Readers and Performers of the Codex Manesse” (Yale, J. Jung)

Dennis, Nathan S., “Performing Paradise in the Early Christian Baptistery: Art, Liturgy, and the Transformation of Vision” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Di Lodovico, Daniele, “Revising Devotion: The Role of Wooden Sculptures in Affecting Painting and Devotion in the Late Medieval Period in Italy (XII–XV Century)” (Washington, S. Lingo)

Dodson, Alexandra, “Mount Carmel in the Commune: Promoting the Holy Land in Central Italy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries” (Duke, C. Bruzelius)

Fischer, Elizabeth, “Representing Space in Early Carolingian Gospel Books” (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Verkerk)

Gans, Sofia, “Between Tradition and Innovation: Rethinking the Tomb of St. Sebald in Nuremberg” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Gillette, Amy, “Depicting the Sound of Silence: Angel-Musicians in Trecento Sacred Art” (Temple, E. Bolman)

Gorjeltchan, Sasha, “Negotiating Monastic Identity at Saint-Aubin in Angers, ca. 1096–1153” (Toronto, A. Cohen)

Gratson, Scott, “A Stratification of Death in the Northern Renaissance: A Reconsideration of the Cadaver Tombs of England and Germany” (Temple, A. West)

Grayburn, Jennifer, “‘Prepared with great craftiness’: St. Magnus Cathedral, Rǫgnvaldr Kali Kolsson, and Orkney’s Autonomy in the Medieval North Sea World” (Virginia, L. Reilly)

Griggs, Nicole, “Reconsidering the Early Gothic Choir in 12th Century Northern France” (Columbia, S. Murray)

Hoge, Heather, “From Conqueror to King: Roger II’s Early Building Program of Cefalù Cathedral in a Multicultural Context” (Penn State, E. Smith)

Howells, SaraLouise, “Funerary Arts Depicting Men-at-Arms and Knights during the 13th through the mid-16th Centuries in France” (Penn State, E. Smith)

Hundley, Catherine E., “The Round Church Movement in Twelfth-Century England: Crusaders, Pilgrims, and the Holy Sepulchre” (Virginia, L. Reilly)

Jackson, Denva, “In the Footsteps of our Fathers: Identity Construction and the Rise of the Eremitical Ideal in Morgan Library’s Vitae partum, M. 626” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Jenson, Claire, “Power and Politics in the Liturgical Manuscripts of Renaud de Bar” (Chicago, A. Kumler)

Katz, Dana, “A Changing Mosaic: Multicultural Exchange in the Norman Palaces of Twelfth-Century Sicily” (Toronto, J. Caskey)

Keelmann, Lehti Mairike, “Bachelors Bridging the Baltic: the Artistic Ambitions of the Tallinn Brotherhood of the Black Heads, c. 1400–1550” (Michigan, A. Timmermann)

Lansdowne, John, “The Dead Christ on Display at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome” (Princeton, C. E. Barber; Johns Hopkins, N. Zchomelidse)

Lastra, Elizabeth, “All Roads Lead to Carrión: Artistry, Urbanization, and Local Identity in a Spanish Pilgrimage City, 1050–1200” (Pennsylvania, L. Silver; IFA/NYU, R. Maxwell)

Laverock, Ashley, “The Visual Hagiography of St. Margaret of Antioch in Thirteenth-Century Stained Glass in Europe” (Emory, E. Pastan)

Loic, Erika, “The Ripoll Bibles: Monastic Practice, Unity, and Continuity in Medieval Spain” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Lucca, Maria, “Renaissance Siena as a Case Study of Cross-Cultural Exchange in Central Italy” (CUNY, J. Saslow)

Lyons, Jennifer, “Crafting Marian Devotion: The Representation of the Theophilus Legend in Northern Europe (9th–14th c.)” (Emory, E. Pastan)

Marx, Nadia, “Images of Adam and Engagements with Antiquity in Romanesque and Gothic Sculpture” (Harvard, J. Hamburger)

Marzullo, Francesca, “The Figure and the Threshold: Devotional Overdoors in Medieval and Renaissance Italy” (Columbia, M. Cole)

Miyamoto, Gabriella, “The Arca Santa of Oviedo: Recreating the Sancta Sanctorum through the Typological Assimiliation of the Ark of the Covenant to a Christian Reliquary Altar” (Rutgers, E. Thunø)

Nevins, Teresa, “Viewing Revelation: Text and Image in Ninth-Century Apocalypse Manuscripts” (Delaware, L. Nees)

Nieman, Richard, “Monuments to God and Man: The Transeptal Local Churches of Anglo-Norman Sussex, the Âge of Aristocracy, and Annaliste Archaeology” (Virginia, L. Reilly)

Oing, Michelle, “The Reliquary and the Puppet: Visual and Kinetic Mimesis in Medieval and Early Modern Sculpture” (Yale, J. Jung)

Oswald, Julia, “Mediation and Object in Late Medieval Northern European Representations of the Treasury” (Northwestern, C. Normore)

Partridge, Joy, “Thinking Through Diagrams: Abstract Imagery and Thought in Late Medieval Astronomical and Cosmological Diagrams” (CUNY, C. Hahn)

Permenter, Brooke Falk, “Assaults on the Faith: Imagining Jews and Creating Christians in the Late Middle Ages” (Rutgers, L. Weigert)

Pesenti, Roberto, “Artistic Interaction between France and Venice in the Gothic Era” (Columbia, H. Klein)

Phillips, Dianne, “The Illustration of the Meditations on the Life of Christ: A Study of an Illuminated Fourteenth-Century Italian Manuscript at the University of Notre Dame” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Platts, Christopher, “Lingua lagunare: Paolo Veneziano (active 1310–1358) and the Development of Venetian Gothic Painting” (Yale, R. Nelson; L. Kanter)

Sanecki, Jamie, “Cathedral and Commune in Medieval Lucca: The Facade of S. Martino” (Pennsylvania, R. Maxwell; R. Ousterhout)

Schwarz, Martin, “The Material and Visual Culture of Scholasticism in and beyond Medieval Paris” (Chicago, A. Kumler)

Seale, Layla, “Demons as a Cultural Species in Late Medieval Northern European Art” (Rice, D. Wolfthal)

Smith, Rebecca A., “Measuring the Past: The Geometry of Reims Cathedral” (Iowa, R. Bork)

Steinborn, Carly Jane, “Transforming Sacred Space: Image and Materiality in the Orthodox Baptistery of Ravenna” (Rutgers, E. Thunø)

Sturm, Jaqueline, “The Bishop, his House, and his Church: Early Medieval Episcopal Complexes in the Mediterranean (AD 300– 600)” (Princeton, C. E. Barber; Johns Hopkins, N. Zchomelidse)

Suda, Alexandra, “The Making of Girona Martyrology and the Cult of Saints in Late Medieval Bohemia” (IFA/NYU, J. Alexander)

Sullo, Nicole Paxton, “The Art of Memory in Byzantium during the Later Middle Ages” (Yale, R. Nelson)

Szalay, Gabriella, “Materializing the Past: The History of Art and Natural History in Germany, 1750–1800” (Columbia, K. Moxey)

Thebaut, Nancy, “Non est hic: Figuring the Absent Christ in Early Medieval Art” (Chicago, A. Kumler)

Verrot, Trevor, “Sculpted Lamentation Groups in the Late Medieval Veneto” (Yale, J. Jung)

Walton, Ann, “Lincoln Castle: The Afterlife of an English Urban Castle” (Penn State, E. Smith)

Westerby, Matthew, “Religious Experience and Monastic Identity in Romanesque Sculpture at Santa Maria de Ripoll (Catalonia), 1030–1180” (Wisconsin, Madison, T. Dale)

Whitehead, Meaghan, “Wall Paintings in the Residences of Henry III of England, 1216–1272” (Queen’s, M. Reeve)

Woodward, Elizabeth, “Le Roman de la Poire: Constructing Courtliness and ‘Courtly’ Art in Medieval France” (Chicago, A. Kumler)