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Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2014

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Arias, Juan Carlos, “In Search of a Hungry Cinema: Representations of Hunger in Brazilian Cinema 1960s–2000s” (UIC, H. Higgins)

Chan, Yenna, “Narrating Montréal: Critiques of Urban Renewal in the 1970s through Exhibition and Documentary Film” (Bard Graduate Center, D. Jaffee)

Hansen, James, “Amnesia Turned Around: Domestic Technology and Critical Nostalgia in Moving Image Art” (Ohio State, K. Paulsen)

Hartnett, Gerald, “Recorded Objects and Couterauras: Art, Technical Reproducibility, Cybernetics, 1952–1962” (Stony Brook University, A. Uroskie)

Jacobson, Ann, “Strange Visions: Bjorn Melhus and the Uncanny Technology of Video” (Ohio State, K. Paulsen)

Larouche, Peggy, “Cinéphilie, infirmité et les allégories de défiguration dans The Saddest Music in the World de Guy Maddin” (Université de Montréal, A. Habib)

McManus, William, “‘When We Made Movies Just to Make Them’: Warhol’s Films and the Surface of the 1960s” (Princeton, H. Foster)

Pinar, Ekin, “Canyon Collective Artists: Micropolitics in West Coast Experimental Film, 1960–79” (Pennsylvania, K. Beckman, C. Poggi)

Polonyi, Eszter, “A Theory of Media? Béla Balázs on Cinema” (Columbia, N. Elcott)

Rochester, Katherine, “Animating Ornament: From Lotte Reiniger’s Silhouette Films Toward a Theory of the Decorative in Animation” (Bryn Mawr, C. Hertel, K. Beckman)

Roland, S. Zelda, “Hollywood Stockyards: People and Places in the Background of Classical Hollywood” (Yale, J. D. Connor)

Schmenner, Will, “How to Hit the Ground: Motion and Measurement in Moving Pictures before the Great Crash” (Pennsylvania, K. Beckman)

Werther-Rosenow, Barbara, “Communicative Strategies in Contemporary Video Art” (Rutgers, T. Flores)