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African Art (sub-Saharan)
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2014

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Beck Cohen, Stephanie, “The Visual State: Liberian Quilting and Cultural Diplomacy, 1850–2014” (Indiana, P. McNaughton)

Carey, Dwight, “Building the Creolized Empire: Architectural Mixture in the French Colonial World, 1659–1810” (UCLA, S. Nelson)

Colard, Sandrine, “Photography in the Colonial Congo” (Columbia, Z. Strother)

Cowcher, Kate, “Between Revolutionary Motherland and Death: Art and Visual Culture in Socialist Ethiopia” (Stanford, B. Martinez-Ruiz, P. Lee)

Dumouchelle, Kevin, “Traditions of Modernity in an African City: Continuity and Change in the Architecture of Kumasi” (Columbia, S. Vogel)

Fine, Jonathan, “Mandu Yenu Thrones: Tradition, Aesthetics, and Politics in the Bamum Kingdom, 1885–2008” (Princeton, C. Okeke-Agulu)

Flach, K.,“Eliot Elisofon: Bringing African Art to LIFE” (Case Western Reserve, C. Scallen)

Kirkwood, Meghan L. E., “Religious Resources, Nation, and Environment: The Representation of Land in Contemporary South African Photography” (Florida, V. Rovine)

Lima, Alvaro Luis, “The People’s Fantasy: Modern Art in Mozambique” (Columbia, Z. Strother)

Lortie, Marie, “Afrique en Créations: Transnational Patronage in the Francophonie” (Toronto, E. Harney)

Majeed, Risham, “Alternating Alterities: Medieval and African Art in Nineteenth-Century France” (Columbia, S. Murray, S. Vogel)

Martino, Allison Joan, “Stamping History: Stories of Social Change in Ghana’s Adinkra Cloth” (Michigan, D. Doris, R. Silverman)

Martinez, Eugenia S., “Arabic Script in Action: Calligraphy in Senegalese Religious Visual Culture” (Florida, V. Rovine)

Masilela, Nomaduma, “Set Setal’s Imaginaire: Intervention in Public Space, Historiography, and Conceptualism” (Columbia, K. Jones)

Paoletti, Giulia, “La Connaissance du Réel: One Hundred Years of Photography in Senegal (1860–1960)” (Columbia, Z. Strother)

Ross, Emma, “Aesthetic Experience and Expression: Representation of Dan Women in the Cote d’Ivoire” (Yale, R. Thompson)

Sheldon, Brittany, “Visualizing Cultural Identity: Tradition and Innovation in Wall Paintings by Women in Ghana’s Upper East Region” (Indiana, P. McNaughton)

Sims, Theresa, “Photography and Zulu Vernacular Portraiture, 1860 to the Present” (Harvard, S. Blier)

Teriba, Adedoyin, “Afro-Brazilian Ideals in the Architecture of Southwest Nigeria (ca.1880 –1960)” (Princeton, E. da Costa Meyer)

Windmuller-Luna, Kristen, “Building Faith: Ethiopian Art and Architecture During the Jesuit Interlude, 1557–1632” (Princeton, C. Okeke-Agulu)

Zengotitabengoa, Beatriz, “Dressing the Horse: Visualizing Court Power in the Bariba Kingdom of Nikki, Benin” (Michigan, D. Doris, R. Silverman)