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African Art (sub-Saharan)
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2013

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Hale, Catherine M., “Asante Stools and the Matrilineage” (Harvard, S. P. Blier)

Hellman, Amanda, “Developing the Colonial Museum Project in British Nigeria” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Johnson, Kitty, “Aesthetics in Motion: Matatu Design in Nairobi” (Indiana, Bloomington, P. McNaughton)

Nzewi, Ugochukwu-Smooth, “The Dak’Art Biennial in the Making of Contemporary African Art, 1992–Present” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Rogers, Amanda, “Politics, Gender, and the Art of Religious Authority in North Africa: Moroccan Women’s Henna Practice” (Emory, S. Kasfir)

Ryan, MacKenzie Moon, “The Global Reach of a Fashionable Commodity: A Manufacturing and Design History of Kanga Textiles” (University of Florida, V. Rovine)

Schwartzott, Amy, “Weapons and Refuse as Media: The Potent Politics of Recycling in Mozambican Urban Arts” (University of Florida, V. Rovine)