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Chinese Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2012

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Augustin, Birgitta, “Art, Daoism, and Cultural History in Later Yuan China: Intersecting Practices of Three Artist-Intellectuals (ca. 1320–1370)” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Bieberly, Rebecca, “‘True’ Images: Seeing at the Lingyan Temple in Eleventh-Century China” (Michigan, M. Powers)

Bloom, Phillip, “Descent of the Deities: The Water-Land Retreat and the Transformation of the Visual Culture of Song-Dynasty (960–1279) Buddhism” (Harvard, E. Wang)

Chang, Su-Chen, “Improvising a Great Age: The Creating of Qingming Shengshi (A Great Age under a Benign Regime)” (University of British Columbia, H. Tsao)

Chen, Li-Wei, “Writing and Rulership in Eighth-Century China: Emperor Xuanzong (r. 712–756) and the Politics of Calligraphic Style” (Columbia, R. Harrist Jr.)

Chen, Janet, “Representing Talented Women in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Painting: Thirteen Female Disciples Seeking Instruction at the Lake Pavillion” (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Choi, Seokwon, “Fashioning Identities in Late Ming Portraits: Zeng Jing and the Literati of Late Ming Jiangnan” (UC Santa Barbara, P. Sturman)

Chu, Yangming, “Gentrification of Women in Early Tang Paintings” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Chusid, Miriam, “Between Buddhist Temple and Imperial Palace: Reframing the Shōjūraigōji Six Paths Hanging Scrolls” (Princeton, A. Watsky)

Cura, Bernice, “Chinese Bannerman Painters in Beijing ca. 1700–1770” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Do, Yoohang, “The Painting of Gao Fenghan (1683–1749)” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Greenberg, Daniel, “The Art of Tribute in the Reign of the Qianlong Emperor” (Yale, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Greenwood, Kevin, “Yonghegong: Art, Religion, and Politics in Beijing’s ‘Lama Temple’” (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Grimes, Julia Evelyn, “The Elements of Style: The 1950s Art of Zao Wou-Ki” (UCLA, H.S. Lee)

Guo, Yanlong, “Casting the Mirror: Standardization and Regional Production of Han Dynasty Bronze Mirrors from the Middle and Lower Yellow River Area” (University of British Columbia, C. Townsend-Gault, Y. Hongbin)

Guu, Monica, “Nightless City: Electricity and Everyday Life in Shanghai, 1882–1945” (Toronto, J. Purtle)

Ha, Jungmin, “Shaping Religious Aspiration through Images and Words: Buddhist Sculptures and Mountain Inscriptions in Shandong Province during the Northern Qi Dynasty (550–577 CE) in China” (Duke, S. Abe)

Han, Jiayao, “Creating Visual Emblems for Eastern Zhou Militarized Frontier Societies (771–221 BCE)” (Pittsburgh, K. Linduff)

Hatch, Michael, “Qian Du (1763–1844) and Landscape Traditions in an Era of Change” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

He, Yanchiuan, “The Materiality, Style, and Culture of Calligraphy in the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127)” (Boston, Q. Bai)

Hein, Anke, “Prehistoric Cultures of the Liangshan District: Disentangling Identities in a Multiregional Interaction Sphere” (UCLA, L. von Falkenhausen)

Ho, Ka-yi, “Imperial Agency and Factional Strife: Art Productions of the Late Ming Court during the Wanli Era, 1573–1620” (UCLA, H. S. Lee)

Hu, Jun, “Embracing the Circle: Domical Buildings in East Asian Architecture, ca. 200–750” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Hu, Philip, “Mi Qanzhong (1570 ca–1628): An Artist and Patron in Late Ming China” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Huang, I-Fen, “Gu Family Embroidery in Late Imperial and Modern China: From Women’s Needlework to Cultural Legacy” (Brown, R. Bickford)

Hwang, Amy, “Properties of Word and Image: Mou Yi’s 1240 Fulling Cloth Handscroll” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Hyun, Eleanor, “Encounters and Revisions: Late Eighteenth-Century Chosŏn Korean and Qing Chinese Art” (Chicago, H. Wu)

Im, Sooa, “Transnational Perspective on Eighteenth-Century Court Documentary Painting in China and Korea” (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Jiang, Wei, “Qiao Zhongchang’s Red Cliff Scroll: The Emergence of Scholar Painting and the Early History of Text-Image Relationships in China” (Brown, R. Bickford)

Kok, Theeng, T., “Rural Villas of Zhejiang” (UCLA, D. Upton)

Kwok, Zoe, “Halls to Inhabit, Paths to Wander: Paintings of Court Women from the Five Dynasties (907–960)” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Kyo, Yi Yi Mon (Rosaline), “Tibetan Spaces and Bodies: Cultural vs. National Imaginaries” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Larrivé-Bass, Sandrine, “Embodied Materials: Emergence of Figural Imagery in Northern China during the Neolithic Period” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Leduc, Marie, “Transition and Transformation: Contemporary Chinese Art in the Global Marketplace” (University of Alberta, S. Harris, S. Dorow)

Lee, Sangnam, “Traces of a Lost Landscape Tradition of the Early Joseon Dynasty (1392–1550): A Case Study of the Cross-Cultural Relationships in Korean and Chinese Paintings” (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Lee, Seunghye, “The Art of Enshrining: Buddhist Reliquary Shrines in Tenth- to Fourteenth-Century China and Korea” (Chicago, H. Wu)

Lee, Young Ji, “Recoding Capital: Spatial Dialectics of Socialist Realism and Maoist Images” (Duke, S. Abe, K. Stiles)

Lim, Michelle, “Navigating Floating Worlds: Curatorial Strategies in Chinese Contemporary Art, 1979–2009” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Liu, Lihong, “A Known World: The Pictorial Construction of Place in the Art of Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, and Lu Zhi” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Liu, David, “The Prehistory of the Middle and Lower Changjiang Region” (Princeton, R. Bagley)

Ma, William, “The Art and Craft Workshops at the Catholic Orphanage of Shanghai (Tushanwan): French Jesuit’s Westernization, Proselytization, and Presentation of China (1863–1937)” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Mao, Yiling, “Women’s Painting in Seventeenth-Century China: Persona, Performance, and the Construction of Female Aesthetics” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Ngan, Quincy, “The Power of Pigments: The Functions and Meanings of Blue-and-Green Landscape Painting in Ming China” (Chicago, P. Foong)

Park, Elissa, “Negotiating the Modern in Art: Pan Yuliang (1895–1977) and Transnational Modernity” (Michigan, M. Powers)

Parke, Elizabeth, “Infrastructures of Critique: The Art and Visual Cultures of Contemporary Beijing” (Toronto, J. Purtle)

Peng, Yingchen, “This Imperial Body: The Cultural Enterprise of Empress Dowager Cixi (1835–1908)” (UCLA, H.S. Lee)

Peterson, Nathan, “Re-imaging China: Ai Weiwei and Contemporary Chinese Art” (Iowa, C. Adcock)

Qian, Zhijian, “Modernism Re-oriented in a Chinese Context: Painting of Modernist Artists in Wartime Chongqing, 1037–1045” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Rasmussen, Kenneth, “Wang Shen (born ca. l048) and Landscape Painting among the Elite in Northern Song China, 1069–1120” (Yale, R. Barnhart)

Richardson, Sarah Aoife, “Authoring Images: Text and Image in Fourteenth-Century Tibetan Mural Paintings at Zhalu” (Toronto, J. Purtle)

Scheier-Dolberg, Joseph, “Yu Zhiding (1646–1716) and the Envisioning of the Early Qing World” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Seiffert, Gregory, “Region and Margin in Seventeenth-Century Nanjing Painting” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Su, Stephanie, “Imagining China: Early Twentieth-Century Chinese and Japanese History Painting” (Chicago, H. Wu)

Takamatsu, Mari, “Painting, Theater, and Visual Experience in Early Modern Japan (1596–1644)” (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Tsai, Chun-Yi J., “Images of the Supernatural Grotesque in China, ca. 1200–1500: Iconographic Origins, Transmissions, and Perceptions” (Columbia, R. Harrist, M. McKelway)

Tunstall, Alexandra, “Woven Paintings: Tapestries in the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1911) Dynasties” (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Wang, Michelle, “Characters of Design: Writing and Materiality in Early China” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Wang, Ya-Ling, “The Critical and Institutional Reception of American Abstract Expressionism in Taiwan and China” (Binghamton University, J. Tagg)

Wishart, Kim, “Collaboration in Painting Practice: Notions of Individuality and Quality in Chinese Art” (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Yeung, Alan, “Bada Shanren (1627–1705) and the Hermeneutics of Seventeenth-Century Chinese Painting” (Harvard, E. Wang)

Zhang, Jingmin, “Chinese Painting Research Society at Beijing: Modernity, Art, Antiquity, and Nationalism, 1920–1937” (Maryland, College Park, J. Kuo)

Zhong, Yueni, “Technologies of Aesthetics: Art and Alchemy in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Chinese Art” (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Zhou, Dengyan, “The Language of ‘Photography’ in China: A Genealogy of Conceptual Frames from Sheying to Xinwen sheying and Jishi sheying” (Binghamton University, J. Tagg)